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My opening volley for the In a Tin Contest http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/972604/in-a-tin-express-prin.... Going for Deciliter option at Prototype Generation generation stage. With 1 month to go its going to be a challenge.

1-2 player WW2 dogfight card game, scaling from 1 on 1 duel to X amount of squadrons. Oh and from the first person perspective with 2 sheets of A4. Game time 10-30 mins, will all fit in a baccy size tin.


1x Pocket mod rule book
1x Battle Card
2x Squadron cards (British)
2x Squadron cards (German)
2x Scenario cards (1on1, 20n2 squadrons)
will need min 2 dice, max 4 dice
1 die to roll
1 die to track advantage
1 die to track red kills (dogfight)
1 die to track blue kills (dogfight)

If i have time US vs Japan and more scenario's.

Squadron card will show the following:
Squadron Name
Squadron Strength (tracked by a dice placed on the card)
Plane graphic
Table showing offence manoeuvres
Table showing Defence manoeuvres.

Scenario Card will show the following:
Battle name
Back story
Advantage tracker (tracked by a dice placed on the card)
Event Table

Battle Card will have the following:
Offence Table
Defence Table

Basic game-play outline for a solo duel =). pick a squadron card and place it next to the duel scenario card. As its duel you wont need to track the Squadron Strength.

Setting the advantage, Air combat is all about holding a better vector then your opponent, hold the advantage. To model this Im using a D6 allowing 3 levels of advantage for each combatant. 3,2,1(highest) for you and 4,5,6 (highest) for the opponent. Set by rolling a die if the result is 1-3 you win, set advantage dice on the scenario card to 3, if the result is 4-6 the game starts with the advantage so set the advantage dice to 4. If you or your opponent are set at the highest advantage then +1 on your attack roll.

Each turn follows the following loop:

if you have the advantage
Choose a offensive manoeuvres (from you squadron card)
Roll equal or higher the value + any advantage modifier to succeed
if you pass then roll on the Attack table + manoeuvre modifier
if you lose + 1 advantage dice.
Offence table
1-3 on their tail no effect
4,5 damage - 1 advantage dice
6 killed your opponent

if the game has the advantage
Choose a defensive manoeuvre
Roll equal or higher + any manoeuvre modifier to succeed the value to pass
if you pass - 1 advantage dice
if you fail roll on the Defence table

Defence table
1-3 on your tail no effect
4,5 damage - 1 advantage point
6 your killed

Do until either your or the opponent is shot down.

So to recap, on the advantage dice placed on the scenario card 1-3 you have the advantage 4-6 you don't have the advantage.

If you have the advantage, pick a offence manoeuvre (some are easier than others but the hard the better modifier on the Offence table). Roll to attempt the manoeuvre. If you lose the advantage moves 1 away from you, win and roll on the Offence table.

If you don't have the advantage, pick a defence manoeuvre (some are easier than others but the hard the better modifier on the Defence table). Roll to attempt the manoeuvre. If you lose roll on the Defence Table, win and advantage moves 1 in your favour.

A 2 player game is slightly different.

player one 1(highest),2,3 advantage/player two 4,5,6(highest)advantage

Each turn both players pick and declare a manoeuvre, the player with the advantage decides who picks first. Then both roll to see if they succeed. If both players succeed the one with the highest manoeuvre modifier wins. If its a draw there is no effect this turn. If the player on offence wins then they roll on the Offence table + manoeuvre modifier and move the advantage dice 1 in their favour. And if the player on Defence wins then they roll on the Defence table and move the advantage dice 1 in their favour.

Event tables and squadron battles add a higher level of detail to the game which affect the player, as the player is mostly concerned with their own personal battle and cannot micro manage the dogfight between squadrons the event table provides the engine for this.

This works the same for both solo and multi player games. At the end of each turn roll once on the event table for every 2 squadrons in play, the event table is found on the scenario card.

At its most basic 1-4 nothing happens 5 British plane shot down, 6 German plane shot down, if there is more than one squadron on the effected side roll a dice for each the one with the lowest roll is effected. Each squadron card has a section which holds a die called squadron strength, if the squadron has had a plane shot down reduce the die by one. Once a squadron strength has 0 it is destroyed.

If a player is shot down while there are remaining planes in any of their squadrons they may resume play in one of those plane, effectively acting as lives.


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