Simon Strange
United States
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I've been designing video games for 15 years, and a couple years back I got an itch to make a board game. I discovered, and started working on prototype bits.

During that process, I started my own company, and ran a successful kickstarter campaign for $100,000 to work on a new fighting game franchise (video game) called Colossal Kaiju Combat. I've built up a community of about 4,000 monster fans, and folks submit character concepts for the game.

We quickly became flooded with way more characters than we could implement, so we decided to also start printing Trading Cards with many of the monsters we couldn't get into the game for our first release.

While designing these Trading Cards, and working on the video game, I suddenly had a brainstorm - wouldn't it be cool if folks could fight the Trading Cards against one another using the same mechanics I'd been developing for the video game? I few days later I'd created the first prototype for the "Combat Deck."

My original board game is still in development (I've partnered with GameSalute to release it next year) and Colossal Kaiju Combat is surging ahead with new content to ship by the end of this year.

But the Combat Deck is finished - and available via print-on demand right now at

I'd love comments - I don't know if I should be trying to get review copies out to folks, or getting attention other ways? I expect to sell a few hundred copies to my community at, but I think the game is pretty good, and I figure other folks might like to check it out.
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