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Subject: A Game in Progress: The Scene at the end of Turn 8 rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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Same game as previous entry, have seperated the two for convenience. Tips welcome.

It is 1980. Despite the treacherous machinations of Aldritch Ames and the challenge of the new youthful Soviet leader, Mr.Gorbachev, President Carter has suceeded in breaking Soviet hegemony around the world. The terrible accident at the Sovier nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, in 1976, paralysed the Soviet effort in Europe, while US backed Terrorists thwarted a potential crisis in Iran. John Paul II is still going strong, and China remains an ally of the American government. Soviet insiders whisper of a putsch against the reforming Gorbachev, but President Carter is set to win a second term.

Its the end of turn 8. The players* are about to compare Military Ops to Defcon status. The Soviet Union has completed 6 Militaty Operations this turn, and the USA has completed 0. Defcon is 2, so USA is about to lose 2 VPs. VPs are currently at -7, USA has some catching up to do. USSR has no cards. USA has one card, Tear Down this Wall, and the China Card. Both countries are at stage 2 of the space race, Animal in space.

In Central America the Soviets have 3 influence in Panama, 5 influence in Cuba, 1 in Guatmala and 1 in Nicaragua, controlling all 4 countries. The USA has 5 influence in Mexico, 2 in Honduras, and 3 in El Salvador , controlling those 3 countries, and 2 influence in Cuba. A sucessful coup in Mexico, backed by Latin American Death Squads, has improved USA chances, but they are still going to lose 4 points if this area is scored without change.

In South America the Soviets have 4 influence in Chile, enough for control, thanks to President Allende. The USA has 1 influence in Chile and 2 Influence in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela, as well as 4 Influence in Colombia, controlling all 5 countries. If this is scored USA will get 5 VPs.

In Europe, USA has 9 influence in France, 5 influence in UK, 3 in Benelux, 5 in West Germany, 3 in Denmark, 3 in Czechslovakia, 3 in Hungary, and 2 in Turkey, controlling all 7 countries. It has 1 Influence in Italy, 1 Influence in Greece, and 4 influence in Poland. USSR has 6 Influence in France, 3 Influence in Spain, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, East Germany and Rumania, controlling 5 countries, and 4 influence in Poland. Chernobyl allowed USA to reclaim France, despite both Socialist governemnts and the Pershing II. Nato, Marshall Plan, John Paul II, the Reformer, De Gaulle Leads France, and Warsaw Pact are in effect. If this is scored now it is worth 5 VPs to USA, but more are coming!

In Africa, America has 3 Influence in Algeria, 2 in Tunis, 4 in South Africa, 1 in Cameroon, 1 in Zimbabwe, controlling 5 countries, plus 2 influence in Nigeria and Zaire. The Soviets also have 2 influence in Nigeria and Zaire, as well as in Angola and South-East African States, which they control, and 1 influence in Sharan States and 3 in Morroc, for 4 states controlled. At the moment USA stands to win 4VPs here.

In the Middle East, America has 2 influence in Egypt, 4 influence in Israel, 2 in Iran, 1 in Lebanon and 3 in Jordan, controlling 5 countries. The Soviets have 2 influence in Libya and Syria, and three influence in Iraq, Saudi Arabis and the Gulf states controlling 5 countries. If this area was scored now it would be a tie. Camp David Accords is in effect.

In Asia, America has 2 Influence in Pakistan, 3 in India and Taiwan, 4 in Japan and Australia and 7 in South Korea, controlling 6 countries. It has 2 influence in Afghanistan and North Korea, 1 Influence in Burma and 3 influence in Thailand. Soviets have 4 influence in Afghanistan, 5 in North Korea, 1 in Laos/Cambodia and Indonesia, and 2 in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, for a total of 7 countries controlled. It has 2 influence in Burma, 4 in Thailand and 4 in South Korea. If this area was scored now USA would win 3 VPs. US/Japan Mutual Defence Pact is still in effect.

Cards Removed from the game since Turn 4

Chernobyl (Headline turn 8)
Solidarity (just played by USA)
Kitchen Debates
Pershing II Deployed
Aldrich Ames
The Reformer (didn't add any influence to europe because of Chernobyl, but enabled Soviet play of Glasnost)
NATO (via Missile envy in turn 8)
Nixon Plays the China Card
OAS founded (in Cuba)
Sadat Expels Soviets
Camp David Accords
Quagmire (USA discarded Willy Brandt, then it ended)
Bear Trap (USSR discarded Nixon plays the China Card, then it ended)
Puppet Governments.

Cards in Discard pile (unlikely to see play again)
Colonial Rearguards
Nuclear Test Ban
The Iron Lady (played for Ops in France)
War Games (USA drew this, and played for Ops in France)
Iranian Hostage Crisis (discarded because of Terrorism)
An Evil Empire (played for Ops in France)
Socialist Governments
Missile Envy
Latin American Death Squads
East European Unrest (USSR got rid of this on Space Race in turn 7)
Formosan Resolution
Lone Gunman (played for Ops!)
Nuclear Subs
Muslim Revolution (Un Intervened to cancel this, twice)
Un Intervention
Indo-Pak war
ABM Treaty
Brush War
Liberation Theology
One Smal Step (played as Ops by Grain Sales)
Grain Sales to Soviets.

*playes=me and me, as before
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