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Subject: The Hand of Doom Reached Out and Pwned All but One rss

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Matthew Linn
United States
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This is my second attempt at a session story. If there are details or information that people think I should include or remove, please comment, I am always looking to improve.

Seeing as Talisman is a very long game with many turns, I am going to hit the highlights, and mostly my turns here
Players: Jeff, Chris C, Chris L, Me
Date: 06/22/2013
Time Played: 3 hours
The Setup:
We played with the Highland, Dungeon, Sacred Pool, Frostmarch, Reaper, Blood Moon, and Dragon Expansions.

Took out the Warlock Quests/Rewards in normal play. We did use the quest cards only as markers for what is on the board already
Chose a random alternative ending card and placed it face down from the entire stack of alternative ending cards
Chose our characters from a choice of 3 per player

Me – The Gladiator
Chris C – The Elf
Chris L – The Ghoul
Jeff – The Dragon Slayer

What Happened:
The game started out like any other, all of us scrambling around the center avoiding fighting the dragons at all costs. That is when I had the bright idea to go into the Highlands because no one wanted to go in there. Also, three events hurting people in the center region came up and I didn't want any part of that anymore. A little head way was being made by all players. Chris C and Chris L managed to get a couple of weapons, Jeff got himself a mule and free strength. I on the other hand managed to kill a Str 1 monster and pick up a strength potion, all the while making my way higher up into the highlands. The highlight of the first hour was the Werewolf and Reaper turns. Right around the end of the hour the Werewolf and Reaper were coming upon their first victims. The Werewolf caught Chris L first, who managed to roll twice on the Werewolf table only to send the Werewolf to Chris C with a roll of 5. Chris C managed to send it to Jeff on his first turn, Jeff sent it along to me, and I sent it right back to Chris C only for Chris to roll a 6 and have the Werewolf give him a boost. Not exactly the kindly figure portrayed on the picture but it worked out. Next the Reaper caught Chris C in a game of chance, only to have Chris C pull a Bill & Ted and romp the Reaper at his own game with a 6. At that point we were a bit worried at the very good rolling of Chris C with just a base game character.

End of First Hour Stats:
Me – Str 4, Craft 3, Gold 4, Life 3
Chris C – Str 5, Craft 5, Gold 1, Life 5
Chris L – Str 4, Craft 5, Gold 1, Life 4
Jeff – Str 4, Craft 3, Gold 1, Life 4

THE SECOND HOUR – The Dragon Hour
I should preface this with this group has never played with the Dragon Expansion before this so the dragon decks were something we didn't want to tangle with. This is where it started to go downhill for me. I managed to get up to the last row in the Highlands hoping to bank on the multiple Highlands event deck draws on a single space. The first one I come to, I decide that I am going to fight the Green Dragon token I managed to drop on my previous turn. Up comes a Craft 1 Green Dragon. I was good with this because I had the advantage, and it paid off I took the dragon and the scale. At least one good thing was going my way. After that draw everyone else was getting in on the action of the dragons. Chris C managed to bank 7 tokens, 3 green, 2 red, 2 gold. Chris L banked 3, 1 of each, and Jeff the Dragon slayer was having the worst luck. No matter what color he pulled, he managed to pull permanent events or places for each token making them pretty useless. Jeff had 2 tokens, 1 red, 1 gold by this point. I moved another square and tried my hand at the highlands events. I pulled at Str 8 ogre. I rolled the dice hoping for a good one, Chris C rolled for the ogre who promptly stomped me with a roll of a 6, now I am down to 2 life. Oh I should mention, no I did not find a single follower traveling through the highlands, lots of them came up in the center, none in the highlands. So as the Gladiator, that power was useless. Next came the final hurting, I moved to a draw 2 card square hoping for an enemy and an item/follower to pick up. I happened to pull a Str 8 Ogre, and Str 6 Hobgoblin. So seeing that my Str 4 vs Str 14 wasn't going to win, I took my health hit, and my turn ended. Next move, drew one card, Craft 6 monster. I had a chance. Then Chris C rolled a 6, and that was it for the Gladiator, he had his soul sucked out.

End of Second Hour Stats:
Me – DEAD, Rolling new character
Chris C – Str 7, Craft 6, Gold 3, Life 5
Chris L – Str 5, Craft 5, Gold 1, Life 2
Jeff – Str 5, Craft 3, Gold 3, Life 3

By this point I was rolling with the Dwarf, which was not so useful in the outer regions. I also learned my lesson and stopped running off the board as soon as I could. This character, I took my time. Luckily, I inherited the scales from the Gladiator, so it was on. While Chris C was gaining more stats and more scales, I too was building. I had enough green scales, that any chance I could I was pulling a green dragon card. I had about 4 green scales. Then Jeff once again grabbing a card that wouldn't get him a scale, drew a card that drew a card from the King of Dragons deck and placed it on all open scales. In this case, it was the Green Dragon. So now I had green monsters to fight to win red and gold scales. I was all over it. I got my craft up to 6 and my strength up 7 in no time. Jeff kept pulling events, and poor Chris L just kept having to move along the board either fighting things he had to run from or taking our leftovers. Right as I was gaining enough steam to start a run for the Crown of Command. Jeff pulled a red dragon card and it was once again, a location. This time it was the Dragon Portal. Basically add, str, craft, and any scales. Then roll, if you managed to get 22+ you get teleported directly to the Crown of Command. At this point Chris C had 8 scales, 8 str, and 8 craft, so he was ready to finish the game. His next roll was to the Tavern where he managed to convince the wizard to teleport him to the Dragon Portal, to which point he walked right through to the Crown of Command. He revealed the hidden ending, it was the Hand of Doom, and continuing his streak of awesomeness, rolled a 6 to kill us all and take the game.

So some points for the next time I play with these people. One, never sit next to Chris C, two, beef up before going into the expansion regions, and three, grow some courage and fight the dragons, it may pay off.

Final Stats:
1. Chris C – Str 8, Craft 8, Gold 1, Life 5, Scales: 3 Gr, 3 Gld, 2 Rd
2. Me – Dwarf, Str 6, Craft 7, Gold 1, Life 5, Scales: 3 Gr, 1 Gld, 1 Rd
3. Jeff – Str 6, Craft 4, Gold 1, Life 3, Scales: 2 Rd
4. Chris L – Str 5, Craft 6, Gold 1, Life 1, Scales: 1 Gr
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Stepping on draw-multiple-cards spaces while low on life is a bad decision. Avoid encounters and get healed ASAP, otherwise you're going to be drawing a new character.
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