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Subject: 6 Player - Lannister Greyjoy Debacle rss

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Ruck Ness
United States
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So after knocking out a 4 player game earlier in the day, the rest of our group showed up and we played a 6 player game.

Stark - Resident monkey w shotgun player
Baratheon - Best strategic player, always the fav
Martell - Newbie filling in
Tyrell - myself
Lannister - Our previous game Lannister dolt
Greyjoy - Solid player

Previous game same Lannister player got annihilated and WANTED to make amends so he requested to play them again.

Early Rounds:
Stark - Musters and Castles ignores supply
Baratheon - Grab Kings Landing & Crackclaw ignores tokens
Martell - Mostly Musters
Tyrell - All tokens all the time plus Reach, no Oldtown
Lannister & Greyjoy - game starts with them treating over Riverrun with Baratheon player manipulating the situation. Tyrell (myself) and Stark player enjoyed watching the back and forth over simple territory disputes before orders were even placed. Greyjoy pushed for Riverrun and the Golden Sound and forcefully took both in the opening rounds.

So Baratheon is trying to work as an intermediary making the point that Stark and Tyrell are going unchecked and they really need to work together. So a deal was made for Lannister to regain the Golden Sound. Orders flipped and Lannister concedes his territory Sunset Sea at the cost of a boat. Greyjoy sends only 1 of his 2 boats from Golden Sound out to Sunset Sea. Lannister looked like somebody just stole his puppy. Stark and Tyrell are giddy, a Greyjoy Lannister alliance is bad for us. Greyjoy then makes a deal to Stark to concede Flints Fingers as long Stark doesn't raid Sunset Sea.

Again Baratheon who at this point is pretty powerful troop wise approaches both Lannister and Greyjoy telling them the three of them need a power alliance to deal with both Stark and Tyrell, Martell being new was playing a very conservative game. So the three middle Houses ally up and Greyjoy will concede Riverrun (lol yeah right). Lannister again holds up his end of the bargain by not attacking with his 3 ships in his port only to watch Greyjoy again double cross him and take Lannisport.

This is all around round 5. So board update at this point.

Stark - Winterfell, White Harbor, Moat Cailin and Flints Fingers as a gift from Greyjoy who was / is vulnerable with a considerable amount of his troops in Lannister lands.

Baratheon - Dragonstone, Kings Landing and Crackclaw Point and has expanded into the Vale to flank a naughty Greyjoy. Worst case scenario for him is a Greyjoy Stark alliance.

Martell - Sunspear, Yronwood and Storms End. Both Baratheon and Tyrell are coaching him against the other, funny stuff.

Tyrell - Finally gobbled up Oldtown and Starfall to go with Highgarden and the Reach. Baratheon's biggest argument to GJ/L was that Tyrell needed checking and GJ was preventing that. Truth.

Lannister - Harrnhal and only thanks to Baratheon support had he not lost that yet.

Greyjoy - Pyke, Seagard, Riverrun and Lannisport. Holy muster points.

Round 6 - First Clash
I had been banking tokens like crazy 4 per round and nobody was even consistently doing 1-2 per round with all the movement and supports going on. Plus only 1 muster troop levels weren't too high.

Throne - Get this on a steal, 2 tokens. Everybody was saving and Baratheon only played 1 along with Lannister.

Fiefdom - Go all out and bid like 12, needed it too because that's what everyone was saving for. Grabbed the sword.

Ravens - Still had a few and knew based on previous bids that nearly everyone else was empty. Greyjoy grabbed first and I got second.

1-1-2 is a fantastic Clash in a 6 player game. Then a Wildlings attack happened. Stark tied with Lannister and Martell for lowest bidder so I dropped him to last. It was the freaking drop on an influence track. Going first after Stark anyhow I had to choose between Fiefdom 1 or Raven 2. Martell still having Doran made this decision even worse because I could potentially lose both anyhow. I chose Raven and everyone after me chose Fiefdom. So Round 6 and still no special orders.

Round 6 Orders and Combat:
Decided to make a move this round, going first helped convince myself to take the risk. At this point I was boat light, 1 in West Summer Sea and 1 in Redwyne Straits. Decided to attack from Dornish Marches to Boneway. Footman attack a Knight with a defense order using the neg 1 march. Used Queen of Thornes to drop Sea of Dorne support. He played Darkstar and I lost a footman. However I moved my boat in West Summer Sea to East Summer Sea played Mace with the Sword and beat the Red Viper. No oat in West Summer Sea but felt I could move the boat in the straits first turn no problem.

Baratheon took the Narrow Sea in a surprise move. Baratheon really did not like the Greyjoy Stark alliance. Especially after courting Greyjoy all game.

Greyjoy took Harrenhal while Baratheon was shuttling more troops into the Vale and unable to support Lannister.

Round 7 - Muster. How sweet the sound.
Tyrell - Gamble paid off. Drop boats everywhere. Upgrade to some knights.
Muster helped Tyrell the most everyone else was close or already maxing supply. Everyone upgraded where possible. Stark reinforced Moat Cailin.

Round 7 moves:
Tyrell - Position troops no new territories.
Baratheon - Takes the Eyrie.
Stark - Takes Seagard
Greyjoy - Takes Flints Fingers
Lannister - Had a chance to take Lannisport but decided to take Searoad Marches. Bad move in my opinion although he was all likely hood out anyway.

Round 8 - Another muster!
Stark drops a Knight in the newly acquired Seagard making it look I obtainable with 3 knights.
Baratheon drops a Seige in Dragonstone and upgrades one on the Eyrie
Greyjoy drops a Seige in Pyke
Tyrell drops 2 Seige's in Highgarden and Oldtown

Quick board summary:
Stark - decent shape with large army. Winterfell White Harbor Moat Cailin and Seagard
Baratheon - Forces in the Vale and Narrow Sea look formidable. Stark has no allies burning his Greyjoy alliance previous round. Dragonstone, Kings Landing, Crackclaw Point, The Eyrie
Greyjoy - Troops look scattered and less threatening than any other point in the game. Pyke, Flints Fingers, Riverrun, Harrenhal and Lannisport.
Tyrell - Highgarden, Oldtwon, Reach and Starfall
Martell - Sunspear, Storms End and Yronwood

Using Ser Loras, a Seige and Knight combo, march plus 1 and raiding of the Sea of Dorne Tyrell captures Sunspear. March Order moves with.

With Baratheon clearly heading to Stark territory Greyjoy takes advantage of Baratheon raids to take back Seagard from Stark.

Baratheon grabs Harrnehal that was poorly defended with Lannister support.

Stark fails to regain Narrow Sea.

Tyrell attacks Storms End with a Seige. Requiring the sword to ensure victory but Martell plays Arianne Martell. I tried to destroy the Seige but the group decided its not a retreat so he returned to Oldtown. Martell players vacated Storms End. No boat it died previous round attacking Baratheon.

Baratheon takes White Harbor from Dragonstone.

Final March from Sunspear split, Knight takes vacant Storms End, no combat and Seige attacks Yronwood and wins via tie break.

Final Count:
Tyrell - 7
Baratheon - 6
Greyjoy - 5
Stark - 2
Martell - 0
Lannister - 0
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