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and the new Fury of Dracula was opened and played for the first time. Actually, it was clear and really cold, but I digress.

Dracula looked at the Hunters, arrayed throughout Europe, and found that Marseille offered the best set of choices for where to begin his assault on the Hunters, whom he had vowed vengence on. His array of starting encounters was less than great, with two bats, one knife minion, a hoax, and an ambush.

Dracula set out north, hoping to droip some encounters, and find some better ones, looking to drop the Hoax in western Europe to increase its effect. After reaching Strausbourg, the newspapers clued in the Hunters to the fact that Dracula had been spotted in Marseille, and the hunt was on. The Count dropped into his Wolf form to scoot off to Nantes, hoping to get to sea and escape the circle of Hunters, and give a reset to his activities.

More events revealed that he had gone to the Bay of Biscay, and the Mediterrainian. Storms forced him to land on Corsica, and he quickly set off towards the east again. He continued to get his location revealed by Hunter Events, all the time losing blood and not having a chance to drop encounters. Then the Count made a fatal mistake, trying to throw off the Hunters by moving back to the Aegean. Holy ground appeared in Rome, and Dracula was forced to land at Bari. At this point the Count realized he was in big trouble, as he was unable to get around the Holy ground in Rome, and could only move to Naples, and then he would be out of legal plays. It led to an interesting rules question, which is what happens in such a situation. Luckily for us, and not for Dracula, the Hunters all converged on the Count, and took him out with a series of attacks.

It was a pretty fun game, and the new mechanics work pretty well, other than the fact that you can get to a place where you cannot make a legal card play. I made a bunch of very serious mistakes playing Dracula, and really needed to be more aggressive with him, rather than just trying to run and get encounters down. The Hunters did get all of the event cards for the first few full turns, and they got the Sister ally that made running in a fight cost Dracula blood.

The components are really nice, and the game looks great. looking forward to trying again and being a bit more hostile as the Count, attacking when the sun goes down.
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