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Subject: WoW: Mighty Rohan rss

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Dave J McWeasely
United States
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The fellowship set out from Rivendell, and proceeded to kill Gandalf on a '1r' in Hollin.

Sauron went to war and marched all 20 of his armies out against Minas Tirith. Before Gondor could muster, the Witch King put Minas Tirith under siege, and with The Madness of Denethor the white city fell in just two rounds.

The rest of the Free People were industriously building up their forces. We were playing "Will of the West" variant, which makes card-mustering more powerful for active nations. My opponent proceeded to draw only mustering strategy cards for about the first 6 cards: First Thranduriel got his archers, then King Brand picked up some Men, then King Dain found his Guards, and finally Rohan mustered to war with all three of their reinforcers! He got about 7 free musters that game, which is by far a record in WoW playtesting.

The two regulars in Pelargir fought valiantly, and by the time the Witch King came upon Dol Amroth with a half dozen orcs it was a Fortress Maximus. He flew off and just left them in siege to annoy Strider, who by this time had joined the growing Rohan legions.

Having conquered Gondor as much as I could, at least until Corsairs of Umbar came up, I took stock of my other targets. Many Kings to the Service of Mordor gave me a powerful stack against DEW-line, so that's where I went next. I crashed through the Iron Hills, but the Free were able to round up 1r3e2L to defend Erebor. Nevertheless they soon fell prey to the tender mercies of the Witch King.

Sauron now brought all the Free nations to war in order to bring out the Mouth of Sauron.

Next stop for the Witch King was Dale, where a Great Host made sure that no northmen survived to retreat into Wooden Realm. That hardly mattered though, since Wooden was at war and already up to 1r4e1L!! The easterlings put them under siege, and reinforcements were brought up from Dol Guldur, but almost as fast a small army of Beornings was springing up in Carrock.

An 8-hit force of trolls marched out of Moria and put Lorien under siege. Meanwhile a 6-hit force of Uruks did the same to Rivendell. Both elven strongholds promptly got their reinforcement cards...

Rohan's huge army surged north to relieve Lorien, stopping by Fangorn to pick up Gandalf. The WK had almost cracked the fortress, but the appearance of a huge group of horsemen spooked him and he flew off. Predictably, Isengard sallied in to take Helm's Deep. All three ent cards were used in the defense of Helm's, and in the end the Rohan 3r1e fought Saruman's 1r5e to a stand-still!

The Rohan army cleared Moria of Orcs. A small Carrock force had its sights set on Dol Guldur. Then the turn of death: The Free rolled MMMEE - his military campaign was out of gas, while the Shadow's was going full steam. Even then it took two turns for the shadow to win, and they had to put it on the line, winning either Lorien or Wooden Realm, both 3r+minion versus 2r1L matchups.

The Free People had broken three sieges: Dol Amroth, Lorien, and Helm's Deep, but they banked their fate on being able to move their super-stack around the board. With terrible dice their chances had dried up.
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