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What you get:
1 board
1 instruction book
1 dice blind
1 chief of security badge
4 D6
5 closed signs
6 voting and movement wheels
21 colored wooden disks
21 character stickers
21 action cards
30 zombies

The Bits:

The bits in this game are very high quality. you receive 6 sturdy plastic palm sized voting and movement wheels each beautifully illustrated. The action cards give a gritty feel using a grungy design and large detailed illustrations on each card. The board is medium sized and uses a collage of thematic photo's and illustrations to abstractly represent a local shopping mall. The washed out colors, heavy use of of aging ,and textures on most of the elements really get you in the mood. The zombie figs are certainly a lot nicer then some other zombie games that shall remain nameless. The only problem I have with the bit's are the player tokens. The tokens in question are actually colored wooden disk some chipped and disfigured with stickers that you must add yourself. Despite the player tokens the games bits are really nice and really pull you into the game.
Score: 8/10 (if only the player bits where better.)


Do you like zombie movies? How about survival horror? Well your in luck then this game is the best thing to happen to survival horror since Resident Evil. Asmodee does an amazing job of generating tension, mechanics and design merge perfectly to recreate the feeling of horror. Now usually when I read a review where someone says they capture the feeling of X in a board game i can't help but roll my eyes, but this game really deserves it. You start feeling anxiety for your little wooden pieces it's crazy.
Score: 10/10

I will spare you the verbatim review of the rules. At it's heart Mall of horror is a voting game. As zombies attack locations(this is determined by dice rolling) you must either use action cards to kill zombies, or vote to see who gets thrown to the zombies( this is usually the female character).The Game is pretty random, zombies are placed according to dice rolling, cards you use are drawn from a randomized deck, and the person thrown to the zombies is voted on. Though some would say the voting is not truly random you are often unable to fore see the out come ahead of time. Even the movement has a uncontrollable element. All the players (with the exception of the security chief) chose where they are moving to at the same time, and in secret. You run the very real risk of a location being full by the time you get there thus dumping you in the parking lot where mounting a defense can be very difficult. However uncontrolled factors are exactly what make this game amazing. While in some games people bemoan their lack of control in MoH the uncertainty is what generates the tension. You decide on the one strategy that you think will see you through just one more turn, then you spend the rest of the turn bitting your nails seeing if it thing will turn out. The Mechanics blend perfectly with the Horror survival theme.
Score: 9/10

All things Considered:
The most amazing horror survival game I've seen, and a truly wonderful offering from Asmodee. If your game group can leave the hard feelings in the game this one is for you, but if you have a thin skinned gamer in the group things can go south.
Bottom Line: 8/10 (unfortunatly this game is not for everyone some gamers won't handle it well)
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