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Subject: Six character game rss

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Robt. Ferrett
United States
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I played this six-character game solo (with a bit of help from my brother at one point) over the last couple of weeks.

I chose starting characters at random.

Starting characters: Wizard, Witch King, Berserker, Dwarf, Woods Girl, Magician.

Board Lay-out: As often happens, the board looked pretty compact, with dwellings fairly close to one another and mountain/cave sites on the periphery. In practice, it took a lot of twists and turns--and slow switch-overs through the Borderlands--to get from one place to another.

Relevant optional rules: Watchful Natives, Commerce Table, Ambush, Serious Wounds, Optional character traits. Probably a couple of unintentional house rules mixed in there somewhere.

Character interaction: I played the characters as being fairly non-hostile, but with the possibility of conflict should the occasion arise. There was a moderate amount of cooperation, and only one--though very significant--outbreak of hostilities.

Character Highlights:


I'll lump these together, since the outcome was the same: early death. I guess I'm not too good with "pure magic" characters. Both of them headed off to remote areas, the Witch King using Broomstick to fly away, the Wizard starting at the remote House to find an area all his own. Miscalculation (in the form of not having color magic ready) and blown hide rolls combined with unlucky monster rolls led to their respective dooms. A tremendous dragon got the Witch King at the Hoard, 12 goblins caught the Wizard before he could loot the Shrine at the High Pass.

The Wizard was replaced by the Pilgrim on Day 4, the Witch King was replaced by the Amazon on Day 5.


The Berserker had the best run of any starting character. He started off by hiring R5 and R4 (the Magician had snagged the first two Rogues). A avid Busch beer drinker, he decided to Head for the Mountains--the mountain hex, to be precise, where he found the Vault, a perfect match, as he has Tremendous counters aplenty. Cracking it open, he did a bit of looting. He got an item with conditional fame for the soldiers, made the trek to the house, and then went to the Crag, where the unfortunate Wizard had triggered both giants before fleeing. The assassin rogue danced around to distract the giants (and other foes) while the Berserker and archer attacked from behind. Quickly amassing sufficient fame, he then went to the guard house to sell a conditional fame item to the guards, which gave him the gold he needed. Deciding to quit while ahead, he moved off the board on day 20.


Great Treasures (1): Needed 1, Got 1
Fame(2): Needed 20, Got 31
Notoriety (1): Needed 20, Got 32
Gold (1): Needed 53, Got 67

Score: 3


Things looked good at the start for the Woods Girl, as the Deep Woods were right next to the Inn. She quickly found the Altar there, and looted some items, including the Truesteel Sword at the Meadow--but she couldn't carry that and one of her treasure cards, having only light move counters. The Pilgrim wondered by soon after, and the two began on-and-off cooperation that lasted through most of the game. She gave him her medium items, he granted her a Small Blessing or two. Eventually, the Woods Girl and the Pilgrim made their way to the Hoard and did some serious looting. The Pilgrim solved her transport problem by handing over the 7-league boots. Unfortunately, he and his knight hogged the glory, killing a dragon and other big things.

After parting ways, the Woods Girl headed to the small campfire, where she met the Woodfolk. She purchased the Good Book, caught up with the Pilgrim, and traded it for a great treasure. Ending up at the Shrine, the Woods Girl spent the endgame failing to loot treasures, and hoping something would come along to be killed. On the last turn, she got her wish; the axe goblins came along. She killed the first two from hiding; she failed her hide roll while taking out a third one. Facing three goblins with an unalerted bow, she bailed. To make her escape, she had to use a move token instead of the 7-league boots, and had to drop a medium great treasure; she would have done slightly better had she just hidden.


Great Treasures (a very optimistic 3): Needed 3, Got 1
Fame(1): Needed 10, Got 15
Notoriety (1): Needed 20, Got 12

Score: -28


(This game prompted me to start the Magician strategy thread, by the way.)

The Magician started by hiring R6 and R7 and using "Talk to Wise Bird" to try to find treasure locations. He met the Woods Girl while she was looting the Altar, and talked her into revealing the location, promising to focus on the spells rather than the treasures. After enchanting the Deep Woods tile on day 7, he quickly lost focus with the curse of blindness, and made a detour to the Chapel for healing--happily, the church was only a couple turns away. Returning to the Altar, he picked up a couple of fairly useless spells--and the "fatigue all asterisks" curse. This slowed things down, requiring another trip to the Chapel and lots of resting.

The rogues' term of service ended, and the Magician rolled three straight "no deals" in his attempt to re-hire even one of them. Changing strategies, he cast "Peace With Nature" and headed toward the Lair, which he had discovered with "Talk to Wise Bird" earlier. Unfortunately, before he even got there, he triggered the Lair's tremendous dragon, as site markers are unaffected by Peace With Nature. Sneaking around, he failed to find the site, then failed a hide roll and was forced to flee.

Changing strategies yet again, he headed toward the Lost Castle on the Cliffs, hoping to use "Control Bats" on the swarms of bats there. All bats were killed by the Amazon and Dwarf before he got there. Happily, the Amazon sold him the "Book of Lore" for cheap, and he managed to rack up all 4 spells before time ran out. He then gave the book back to the Amazon to sell off to the Shaman; she honored the deal by giving him a chunk of gold, but not enough to help.


Great Treasures (2): Needed 2, Got 0
Usable Spells (2): Needed 4, Got 6
Gold (1): Needed 40, Got 29


As with the Woods Girl, things looked good at the beginning for the dwarf. He could make it into a Borderlands cave clearing in one move from the Inn; there were 3 other cave hexes in a row after that. Unfortunately, the first 3 contained no treasure sites. After finding some needed secret passages, the 4th time was the charm, and the Dwarf found the Lost City. Along the way, he took out his fair share of dragons, trolls, and such. He looted the statue to good effect, but the tile was getting a little too hot, so he headed over to the Lost Castle hex nearby, where he looted the Cairns and killed some fairly large spiders.

Then, already fatigued from looting the Cairns, his luck took a turn for the worse. Heading into a nearby woods to rest up, he ran into two vipers; he couldn't run, and took a handful of wounds before finishing them off. With the clock ticking, he tried to head through the Lost Castle (Cliff) hex to find a dwelling, so he could sell things off and meet his gold requirement...just in time to run into three bats. He survived, but with tons of wounds.

Before he could rest up enough, he met an untimely demise on Day 25.



The Pilgrim entered on Day 4 after the Wizard passed on. He spent a couple of turns hiring a knight of the Order, and then started the long journey toward the Shrine, hoping to find a spell there. On the way, he met the Woods Girl, who gave him the Truesteel Sword in exchange for a Small Blessing. Thus armed, the Pilgrim was a force with which to be reckoned. Joining up with the Woods Girl, he went to the Hoard (at the Lost Castle) and took out some significant monsters, including the dragon. After a spot of looting, and some decent compensation to the Woods Girl, he headed across the board for the Shrine, where he learned a spell and knocked off the demon.

The knight's term of service ended, and the Pilgrim was short on the gold needed to re-hire him. Meeting up again with the Woods Girl, he traded an excess Great Treasure for the Good Book, and learned a couple spells. Lacking only in gold, he headed over to the only dwelling he could reach before the end of the month, the small campfire. The Lancers and the Woodfolk were present there. Casting small blessing when possible (in hopes of the unlikely teleport result) he spent a fruitless couple days trading there.

On Day 28, disaster struck. At the end of the day, the Lancers decided to make trouble. Too slow to flee, the Pilgrim was used as a pincushion, and was a day short of leaving the Magic Realm alive.


The Amazon replaced the unfortunate Witch King on Day 5. She first headed for the Lost Castle--and immediately triggered the tremendous flying dragon at the Hoard. Rather than try to sneak around this unbeatable foe, she used her movement bonus to head across the board and try to loot the Shrine.

Her looting rolls were not great, and her first draw was the Ointment of Steel (or something like that). This was a disappointment--until the spear goblins popped up immediately after. With the ointment, and her movement speed, the goblins could only wound her if they were the right side up and if they matched her direction. She popped out of hiding and took on the whole troop. Though receiving more wounds than expected, she finished them off single-handedly.

Further looting turned up the Book of Lore. After resting up her wounds, she headed over to the small campfire, hoping to find her friends the Lancers, and in turn the Shaman (who was in the Lancer box). The Lancers didn't have much of use, and the Shaman stayed well away. Finally, the Woodfolk came along; after demanding too much money for a bow, they decided to block the Amazon. She scurried away.

The big dragon having been taken out by the pilgrim, the Amazon decided to try her luck at the Lost Castle again. Along the way, she ran into the Magician. She sold him the Book of Lore for cheap, building up a reserve of positive karma.

Which was soon needed. At the Cliffs, she decided to forgo the picked-over Hoard and find a secret passage leading to the Cairns. After killing off some bats, she went through the secret passage and found the Dwarf, who was A. heavily wounded, B. carrying lots of treasures, and C. had built up serious notoriety by killing monsters.

Desperate for some victory points, the Amazon charged the dwarf to prevent him from leaving. The dwarf hacked through her remaining armor (helmet and shield had been lost to the bats)--but then the Amazon connected with the Dwarf, doing heavy damage to the heavy capacity character. The Serious Wound roll did just enough damage to finish off the Dwarf.

Gathering the dwarf's stuff, she headed back to the Small Campfire, got the Book of Lore (with some intimidation) from the Magician on the way, did some serious selling to the Lancers and the Shaman, and gave the Magician her little extra dough in thanks for his cooperation.


Great Treasures (2): Needed 2, Got 2
Fame(1): Needed 10, Got 14
Notoriety (1): Needed 20, Got 124
Gold (1): Needed 65, Got 65

Score: 10 (wins)

EDITED: typos

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