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Subject: Come and taste some muscles rss

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Mat zo
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With mercenaire come the subtility of virile combat. look by yourself :

Characters (movement/combat)

Dark Angel
5/2 living-dead, flight.

3/3 Ranged Attack

Ranged Attack's rule is simple: like a normal combat but at distance, the effective force of the arrow is 3 (no possible modification) if the Crossbowman loses, is not wounded. Only one time per turn. Can't be used if a opponent is in contact. No range limit.

4/2 if win combat, he kill directly is opponent.

3/3 can use 2 combat cards, only in attack and not in grouped combat.

Golden Dragon
3/6 is placed face up at the placement phase, arrives in plays with a neutral treasure under him
brings back 2 VP if he is killed

3/2 gives +1 combat to all the characters of his own color, who are in the same room (execpt him)

The troll's slayer dwarf
2/4 breaks the doors like a warrior.
cancels the troll's regeneration for all the game, if he wounds him.
The troll can be heal with a fountain or by cleric but will not be able to regenerate himself ANY MORE afterwards.

4/3 Can attack once by turn for 0AP, and by this way can use for 1PA the broadsword. (the capacity functions in grouped combat)


Sylvanite shield
+ 1 in defense, protects from the falling stone, magic item.

2AP to use in combat (1 for start the combat +1 for using the capacity) +2 in combat.

Strengh Potion
0PA to use, usable during adversary turn, +3 in combat for all the turn.

Runic Hammer +1 in combat, +2 for the dwarf, magic item.

A key.

A rope.

Special location, trap and obstacle

Weapon rack
Is a 3d obstacle. while being on an adjacent square, for 1 AP can take a neutral weapon from it

randomly drawn one of the 8 neutral weapons :

1 armour
1 ball and chain
1 broadsword
1 dragon slayer
1 basic swords
1 katana
1 sylvanite's shield
1 Runic hammer

Katana: attack once by turn for 0AP.
A samouraï + katana = 2 attacks per turn for 0PA

blazing inferno
obstacle of one square full of lava.
while being on an adjacent square, a character with a hand weapon can reforge it and have the +1 version.
Each weapons can be reforged only one time.

Colone: obstacle blocking even the flying characters.

Ultra-gravity Chasm
obstacle of one square, even the thief and the elf must use a rope or a jump card to pass.
cancels the flight ability (magic and nonmagic) in all the room.
it's a magic effect, therefore the effect can be cancel by the magophage.

activated trap (squares with symbole on it) and trap's mechanism (hexagons with symbole on it) when a character passe or stop on a trap's mechanism, all the activated traps with the same symbol, become pits, the character on it fall and die, the objects are lost (exept thief or a character with a rope, who avoid the falling).

A very orianted combat extension, i love it, not for the running fans.
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Diane Close
United States
Twin Cities
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Revue bien écrite! Cette expansion m'a semblé intéressante. Vous avez déjà répondu à mes questions. Merci!

The "trap changer" sounds especially interesting! Can't wait to try this one in practice!
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