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Jayson Myers
United States
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First off: this is a kid's game. It is intended to be a kid's game. It is not for a 4 year old as the rules are a little more in depth, but this is a great game to teach to a 7 year old who is looking to "step up" his game playing abilities. The players will have to use spells, decide which spells are best to use, and be okay with not winning as this game does have some back an forth to it.

The game does drip with theme as the components are great and the game play really works with the theme. The idea of the game is you are 1 of 4 students at Hogwarts and you have to collect spells and learn them and then duel with the other students to get coins. I assume the kids are just practicing expect when they fight Draco (why else would Hermonie and Ron fight and/or with Harry?? if not practice).

Overall, I do like the game for kids even though it can drag on longer than needed. Finding a shorter game end result really helps the game. As it stands, you have to beat each other student once and then the students will send the strongest student to beat again.


The components in the box are fantastic especially for a children's game. The minis that come in the box are great. You get four and they are very detailed and you will find yourself wanting to use them in other games. The board is mounted and very durable. The only let down is the cards which will show wear quickly, even more so if kids are touching them. The other components are hard plastic and very nice.

Rule Book:

The rule book is in a couple different languages, but is printed in a very ugly black and white. I am sure this is to save money, but it is just ugly to read. The rules do a fine job of explaining the game and providing explanations of all the cards. The game is really rather simple and the rule book does not get in the way.

Flow of the Game:

The way the game works is simple. You roll a 6 sided dice to move. Any space you land on you get an item. If you land on the classroom space, you get a spell. You do not have to roll an exact number; you can stop when you want.

After getting spells, you can either perform a wizarding challenge if you are next to another play (simple mini games) or you can duel which is how you win the game. If you duel, you play spell cards an roll dice to see who wins. If you win, you get their coin (one from each person and you fight the final duel).

Each spell works differently for each wizard (as they can command them differently), which just means Harry may roll more and different dice than Ron performing the same spell. You need to connect your wizard with the right spells to have the best shot at winning.

Should I buy this Game?:

Yes, if you can don't mind a simple game and/or will be playing with kids. This is a great game if you are trying to take your kid from kiddie games to a more medium level game. There are familiar mechanics, but more things to keep track of. I really like this game for this reason.

Overall, a solid effort and a good little game (just short of a gem though).

Not purged (for kids).
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