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Subject: World #00019118-Game 4-Spoilers for 9 Minor Cities rss

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Aaron VanderDussen
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Game 4-July 6th 2013

Months have passed since the last wars between these titans. Eager for vengeance and blood, 4 returning warriors sat down for a game of petty feuds, rivalries and complete and utter destruction. General Caleb was unavailable for this war, as he was on the other side of Ontario kicking ass and taking names. His spot was filled for this game by the rising superstar Eric, introducing a wild card that could make things very interesting. Using the draft system that was obtained last game, the following starting positions were obtained:
Aaron-1st Turn-10 troops-4th Placement-Khan Industries-0 Coins
Ambrose-4th Turn-8 troops-3rd Placement-Enclave of the Bear-2 Coins
Eric-2nd turn-6 troops-1st Placement-Imperial Balkania-0 coins
Nate-5th Turn-8 troops-2nd Placement-Die Mechaniker-1 coin
Tim-3rd Turn-10 troops-5th placement-Saharan Republic-1 Coin

Grudges started Early with initial placements. Eric took Eastern Australia, Nate took Argentina and Ambrose slapped Aaron in the face by taking Scandinavia, Denying him his major city of Ylisse in Great Britain. Shaken by this blazen provocation, Aaron started in Alaska, Leaving Tim to take his major city of Dominion in Central Africa. This was but a prelude of the madness yet to come.

Early Expansions started with a bang. While Aaron spread his troops between North America and Kamchatka, Ambrose aggressively expanded into North America in order to start a violent conflict with Aaron and weaken his defensive position. Eric easily took Australia and Tim took Africa. Nate took South America and ensured that Tim would not receive his continent bonus.

Taking advantage of this mutually assured destruction between Ambrose and Aaron, Nate cut a path through Tim and captured Ambrose's headquarters, putting him perilously close to victory. Undeterred, Ambrose captured Aaron`s headquarters, screwing him over and forcing Aaron to retreat into Asia where the threat of Eric awaited him

The game got absolutely crazy at this point. Tim had been slowly amassing territory cards and ending up getting his headquarters captured after nearly losing it to Riots from the event card deck. Not one to take such abuse lying down, Tim cashed in for 21 troops, prompting Nate to suggest that he ``Might as well turtle``, a cunning tactical ploy that got us all laughing. Tim, ignoring Nate`s sage advice, took back his own headquarters, knocked Nate out of the game (a first for our game), surged through Europe to capture Ambrose`s headquarters and was barely stopped from taking Aaron`s Headquarters North America, leaving him at 3 victory points and victory just within his grasp. Ambrose was knocked out during this rampage, but both he and Nate were able to join the war on their next turns and continue the fight.

Sensing opportunity, Eric, cashed in his resources and cut a path through the southern hemisphere for victory, as Tim and Nate`s weakened position were ripe for the picking. Despite missiles being played, Eric captured two headquarters and with his bonus victory point for not winning a game yet, secured his victory. Eric elected to found the major city of Dragonmount in Eastern Australia, ensuring that it would be his throne in wars to come. Everyone else added resources to select countries, affecting Peru, Kamchatka, Madagascar and Southern Europe. This war had started early, with Ambrose and Aaron trying to kill one another, dragging everyone down in the flames with them. Eric, mostly unaffected by this madness, took his time, and surged at a crucial moment, earning his place in our history. Ambrose has made a powerful enemy this day and such blatant transgressions shall be punished.

Game 4 was a complete debacle of gambits, rivalry and nearly everyone going down in flames. Caleb was unable to make it, so we had another friend fill in his slot for a couple of games. We were all excited about getting together and playing a couple of games of Legacy and they did not disappoint. I lost my headquarters and I was honestly surprised that I avoided being knocked out or that the people who were did not get eliminated. Ambrose seemed to be on a death march against me and there was not much I could do to stop it. I know now in future games to tread lightly around him and if he is anywhere near me, I will make sure there is a stringent border guard at all times. One of my favourite moments is when Eric attempted to attack me in Russia and the 5 guys I had there managed to hold of his force of 8-10 guys with no casualties. I now know the effort required to hold Europe may make my major city difficult to hold, but I am confident that I can make it work.
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