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Aaron VanderDussen
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Game 5-July 6th 2013

The chaos of the previous war has left the world in disarray. A new world power has emerged and has set up a throne in Australia. Aaron bears a grudge against Ambrose for costing him the previous war and Ambrose detests Aaron for not dying fast enough. Tim is just getting tired of our shenanigans and Nate wants a victory and will destroy all who get in his way. The 5th war on our world is about to come to a head. The starting conditions were:

Aaron-2nd Turn-10 troops-2nd Placement-Saharan Republic-0 Coins
Ambrose-1st Turn-6 troops-1st Placement-Khan Industries-0 Coins
Eric-3rd turn-8 troops-5th Placement-Die Mechaniker-1 coin
Nate-4th Turn-10 troops-4th Placement-Enclave of the Bear-1 coin
Tim-5th Turn-8 troops-3rd placement-Imperial Balkania-2 Coins

Nate took Western Australia, forcing Eric to go elsewhere and take Yakutsk. Ambrose elected to take Peru, and Aaron and Tim took their major cities in Great Britain and Central Africa respectively.

Early expansions saw Ambrose continue his crusade against Aaron. He quickly captured his headquarters by breaking through africa and going through Europe. His ability that gave him 1 troop on every headquarters he controlled ensured Aaron could not easily take it back. He also secured South America so he could have guaranteed reinforcements. Eric and Nate built up their respective forces that resulted in a cold war that could only last so long.

The next few turns resulted in a complete debacle. World wide riots resulted in Tim and Aaron losing control of their major cities and having their headquarters demolished, severely crippling them and making victory near impossible. However, Aaron was able to place a fortification on his major city in anticipation of future wars. Nate cashed in and attempted to wipe Eric out but was rebuffed and was forced to retreat. A well timed `Control the People`event allowed Ambrose to acquire additional reinforcements and march through and North America and position himself besides Eric`s headquarters, in order to act as a deterrent and potentially take it for himself. Tim amassed his armies in the middle east and it was only a matter of time before tempers boil and the death marches begin.

Tim struck fast and hard, cashing in resources and eliminating Eric and forcing Ambrose out of Asia. Due to his loss of headquarters, this was not enough to secure him victory and he maneuvered his troops into a more defensible position. At this point, Aaron realized that he would not win this game, but was in a position to set up a winner, as Ambrose Nate and Tim could each take victory.

Ambrose attempted a victory but did not go for it, as he realized that Aaron and Tim would use their missiles to ensure he lost at least two troops, making taking over Eric`s headquarters extremely difficult. Nate, seeing that he had a small window of opportunity, purchased a victory point and used his reinforcements to punch through Asia and conquer Eric`s headquarters for the win. Aaron chose not to interfere with missile fire, as Ambrose`s transgressions had not been forgotten and felt Nate had earned his victory. The war came to a startling conclusion that has unlocked some interesting mechanics that will continue to affect the world to come.

Nate Elected to found Quahog in Argentina, placing the last available city on the board and giving each of us a potential stronghold for future wars. Eric got to choose a comeback power for Die Mechaniker and gave them the `Resourceful`ability, allowing them to draw a resource card so long as they take over a city that turn. Aaron, Ambrose and Tim reinforced Kamchatka, Great Britain and Central Africa. This campaign has now had each combatant sign the board once, meaning that future wars will have everyone start with a Missile. The next game will have the victor open another packet, further altering the world and we now have mercenary scars, meaning that scars will be handed out next game to everyone. I do not know how our next war will be fought, but it will be a conflict that will resonate through the ages.

What can I say about our Game 5? I finally got to start in my major city, but yet again, Ambrose took it from me and was able to hold onto it due to him using Khan Industries starting power every round. When I forced him out, The event deck played riots and resistance on me in quick succession, removing my headquarters and my control of a minor city, ensuring I never got my continent bonus and making me a non factor in the game. Eric's elimination allowed us to open a new packet and the mercenary scars look awesome. The comeback powers look neat and I'm looking forward to how Die Mechaniker players use the new ability. It was another excellent set of games and I am very much looking forward to our next one, due to everyone having a major city and a missile. Whoever wins gets to sign the board a second time and open the corresponding envelope and I've got a feeling someone's gonna go for the three missiles in one combat or 30+ troops packet as well. This game just keeps getting better and I'm looking forward to the next 10 games.
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