Valdir Jorge
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Date: February 18th, 2006

Game: Carcassonne - Inns & Cathedrals

Players: Kim, Patrick, Tamara and Valdir (myself)

My previous session of this game:

As we finished our game of Hazienda the games of AoS and Mexica were close to finish, so we thought we might play a quick game of Carcassonne with the Inns & Cathedrals expansion.

After some quick explanation of the rules to Kim, who had never played, we started laying the river tiles to start the game. The first half of the game was somewhat quiet, we were mostly minding our own businesses. But then, one of the cities that Kim had started got a cathedral, which made it the centre of attention. I got into it with one of my small meeples but then Patrick went into it with his Bubba (the double-value meeple) and later on I put my Bubba close by to try and get all the points myself. Unfortunately for me it was not possible to finish that city.

At the same time, on the other side of the "board", another city with a cathedral had been overtaken by Tamara but it was really difficult to close because she needed one specific tile, so her chances of doing it were quite small.

During this time, the games of AoS and Mexica ended and those groups started two other games: Edel, Stein und Reich and Tokami. This latter one is a dexterity game that is funny to watch. At a given moment we all stopped our Carc game to watch the other guys move their wooden sticks around and make everything fall off...

Anyway, back to our game, we were close to the end, just a few tiles left to choose. Then Kim takes her last tile and it is exactly the one Tamara needs to close her big city with the cathedral. Phew! That was close. But wait! Tamara takes her last tile and it is the other one of the same kind! Incredible! At this point I said that we didn't even have to count the points, it was obvious that Tamara had won by a big margin. Just that one city was worth more than thirty points...

And when we counted the farmers, she was again the main beneficiary, she just killed us all, as you can see in the score below.

Final Score
Player: Points
Tamara: 137
Patrick: 65
Valdir: 63
Kim: 59

Tamara got more than twice as much as the second place. Patrick commented that for this game I could enter his name as "Fred"...

They would start a game of Puerto Rico, but unfortunately I had to leave, so I could not participate.
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Tommy Theys
United States
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When I saw the title of this thread I thought my wife might be posting on here! surprise

I think I've won only once! It's pathetic.

When you first started the story I thought it was going to be Kim.

Congrats to Tamara.
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