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Subject: First 3 games rss

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Ben E
United Kingdom
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So this past weekend I got to experience Dreadball for the first time. The first game we played was the basic game so I could learn the rules. The second added in the cards and fan checks. Then the final game also added in the ref.

Game one: Humans vs Greenskins
In this match I took control of the humans against the bloodthirsty greenskins and my were they blood thirsty! As the away team I found my team were pummelled in the first round. Being used to bloodbowl and the idea that only one player can blitz really hindered me here and it took about 3 turns for me to realise I needed to focus more on positioning and not even attempted to out punch them. Once I’d figured this out my strikers began to run rings round the lumbering greenskins leading to a 4 nil lead. Thinking this was easy enough for me to hold onto for the remaining few turns I tried to turn defensive and got punished badly. A run of ridiculous dice rolls saw me down to two players on the pitch, a guard and a jack and the greenskins managing to level with an audacious 4 point score that must have sent their fans into raptures on their last turn. With my players all but surrounded things looked grim indeed.
My final turn involved trying to extricate my players out of their sticky situations with my guard managing to floor two jacks while my jack tried to get the ball which he promptly fluffed accidently booting it far into my opponents half. The greenskins immediately set about trying to chase down my jack as the only player able to handle the ball though he seemed impervious to everything they threw at him and eventually managed to knock him down with the final punch of their turn though didn’t injure him. Seeing the health of the jack as crucial to the team the guard came barrelling in flooring the guard that had just knocked poor Jack the Jack down leaving Jack to bounce to his feet, free action move to the ball and scoop it up giving him a free action move to a scoring position where he used his second action token to slot home a simple shot.
This was a fun game and my tactics definitely changed as I realised that I needed to rack up scores as quickly as possible as I stood no chance in a protracted game.

Game 2: Ver-myn vs Humans.

Here we added in the cards, this was the first time either of us had used the cards and was my first game with the Ver-myn. This time as the home team I decided to go on the offensive. Trying to hurt my opponents guards early so I could then concentrate on scoring with all my strikers. This started well with one guard being killed in the first turn and the other being knocked over. Setting up a mini cage I then tried to pick up the ball and failed miserably letting it bounce into open space. The humans quickly capitalised on this stroke fortune and with the use of both their cards got a four point score on their first turn… Not the start I wanted.

The next turn or two saw me manage to pick up the ball and injure the other guard as well as one of the jacks that was trying to block the one of the goals. Setting myself up for the score I again fluffed it scattering the ball miles away from any of my players. What ensued was a mad scramble before the humans managed a three point score as I just couldn’t catch them in time and all my cards seemed to be useless (Jack only when I had no jacks for example). I did however manage to kill the other guard when he came back on and killed a striker.

This game showed how good the cards could be for teams if they got the right type of card at the right time as the humans seemed to do all the time. A 7-0 defeat in about 8 turns was a bit humiliating though. In hindsight I realised at the end I had thought I had a movement of 5 which would have made a big difference for chasing down strikers and getting into better positions. Oh well live and learn.

The final game: Greenskins vs Ver-myn
For the last game we played with the ref and cards. I took control of the only team I hadn’t played yet the greenskins against the ver-myn. Some rather horrific dice rolling meant this game took on a comedy aspect for the first few turns as my guards failed to hit a thing or kept falling over while dashing to punch someone. There was a lot of stealing the ball by the speedy ver-myn off my jacks as we saw how playing the ver-myn with the right movement makes a huge difference though they couldn’t seem to score for a few turns often gifting the ball straight back to me after attempting to shoot. I couldn’t seem to slam a thing though as their dodging abilities seemed to keep them alive. They eventually took a 3 nil lead before two quick scores by my jacks brought it back to a 1 pt lead in my favour. The final two turns saw me fluff a shot for a 3 point lead only for the ver-myn coming off the bench to scoop it up then sprint down the field with his free action. Then move into a shooting position with one of the action cards before using his final activation token to score a 2pointer. Oh the heart break!

This is a fun quick game with these 3 games played over a 3-4 hour period including explanation of the rules and rules check ups when I didn’t understand something. I imagine this could easily be played in 30-45 minutes and I think I’ll be picking up a team when season 3 is released.
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