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Subject: A Socially Inept Review of FrogFlip rss

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Tiffany Bahnsen
United States
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2 players (more with multiple sets)
10-15 minutes
Frog Theme
Designers: Jason and Claire Kotarski
Artist: Meagan Gibson
Publisher: Game Crafter (soon to be published by Sprocket Games)


FrogFlip is a dexterity-based micro game centered around flipping your frog disc onto a specific lily pad target. The four target lily pads are arranged in a line between the two players, equal distances apart. A separate deck of eight bug score cards is set near by. The bug score cards can have 1-4 flies depicted on them. They determine the lily pad you will be aiming for and the number of points you will receive if any part of your disc hits that target.

On your turn you look at the top score card, if it has four bugs, you are aiming for the fourth lily pad that is furthest away from you. You flip the frog disc with your thumb and if any part of the disc touches the correct lily pad you take that score card. If it lands directly on the card, you take the score card flower side up. If you miss, it is your opponent's turn. Your opponent gets two turns in a row if you manage to miss the play surface entirely! You play until the score cards are gone and the player with the most points wins. Flower side up cards are used as tie breakers.


I was first introduced to this game at Origins 2013 while having some drinks at the Big Bar on 2. I remember thinking, "I need to get my hands on this!" almost immediately after playing it. At the time we were playing the four player variant in which you use two sets of the game and it was a blast! Here's what I like most about it:

FrogFlip is genius in it's simplicity. Anyone (and I mean ANYONE), from your ninety year old granny to your eight year old nephew, can learn this game in seconds. Now, their success at the game might vary based on fine motor skills...but I have not had any difficulty in explaining this game to anyone. In fact, at first glance it might seem easy to the uninitiated. A few flips in, the challenge of it becomes obvious!

This is a take anywhere and everywhere game. FrogFlip for two players literally consists of twelve cards and a quarter-sized disc. You can keep it in your back pocket or wallet and have a game wherever you might wind up. It works perfectly well as a pub game; the rowdier, the better. I rather enjoyed taunting my friends as they were so intently focused on lining up that perfect flip, then watching them curse the frog when they completely missed! Granted, it take remarkable self-control to play is game in a library or snooty-type coffee shop given the excitement factor, but it is doable. You could easily fit in a game while waiting for a latte.

Frogflip is wickedly addictive! The frog may be adorable, but I am fairly certain he is evil! I may really suck at landing my frog on the target lily pad, but that hasn't discouraged me from playing over and over and over, certain that THIS will be the time I finally master my flip technique. The beauty part of it is, with games only lasting ten minutes or so, I don't really mind losing. Okay...missing again and again may cause some frustration, irritation, and the possible muttering of froggy death threats under one's breathe, but it's all in good fun! When you do hit your lily pad target, it's like a triumphant Sousa march starts playing in your head and confetti drops from the ceiling. Or maybe that's just me...


Artwork: ■ ■ □
Components: ■ ■ □
Theme: ■ ■ □

Right now I've been playing with the Game Crafter version of the game, so the components are as expected. The frog disc is a stickered plastic chip and the cards are reasonably sturdy. I will probably sleeve the cards just so I can truly take the game anywhere and not have to worry about sticky tables and such. The artwork is simple and cute, so it fits the game well. I am looking forward to seeing the upgraded pieces and artwork in the upcoming printing by Sprocket Games.

When it comes to theme, I can't say I feel like a frog hopping across a pond, trying to collect my dinner during the course of play, but I will say the frog theme fits nicely with the flipping mechanism. The theme is completely adorable, with just a pinch of grossness, making it suitable for just about anyone.

Rules: ■ ■ ■
Teachability: ■ ■ ■
Ease of Play: ■ ■ □

FrogFlip is easy to teach, quick to learn, but hard to master. The rules fit on one single playing card and are easily memorized. It's the type of game anyone can learn in a minute, but might end up taking the better part of a hour working to find the perfect frog trajectories.

Like any physical activity, flipping requires practice to get better. The more experience you have with dexterity games and flipping things in general, the better you will do at FrogFlip. This might pose a problem if you have a younger or hyper-competitive opponent that is learning for the first time playing against a more experienced player, but that probably won't last for long. I would avoid playing with professional magicians or referees though!

Balance: ■ ■ ■
Replayability: ■ ■ ■
Enjoyment: ■ ■ ■

Every game of FrogFlip I have played has been pure, silly fun. Naturally, there is luck involved. Sometimes you'll totally miss the lily pad card, but the frog disc will still just barely nudge the corner and so you still score. Other times you'll concentrate your efforts on a perfect shot, only to miss the table all together because your jerk friend across the table distracted you at the last second!

This sort of goofy game may not be for everyone, but even very serious gamers need a break sometimes! I have found it to be perfect for in between brain-burners or overly long games. Agricola-FrogFlip-Roborally made a pretty tasty sandwich for my game group! We had fun experimenting with the distance in between lily pads to increase the challenge and had several "Let's play again!" moments. I think we were all somewhat surprised with how much enjoyment we got out of such a ridiculously simple game!

Overall, FrogFlip is an 8.5 for me.

I recommend the game and would never turn down a play!

Submitted by The Socially Inept Gamer, Tiffany
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Jason Kotarski
United States
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Thanks again for the review! I hope others' enjoy their experiences with the game as much as you did!

I can't wait to see how the Kickstarter for the Sprocket Games edition goes!
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