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Subject: List of All New Faction Cards rss

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Jeff Royl
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All right everyone. The intention of this posting is to make the decision whether to buy this game a little easier. Before I did, there were a few cards that no matter how hard i looked, i could not find any information about. so here it goes:

Latari Elves:

Leonx Rider: 3 cost/3 strength - When Played: Choose any player and make them discard a card. If you choose yourself, draw a card before discarding

Forest Guardian: 6 cost/6 strength - This card cannot be destroyed or wounded in battle. All of your other cards have their ability cost reduced by 1

Daqan Lords:

Novice Wizard: 3 cost/2 strength - When Played: Discard a card to Draw a card

Roc Rider: 6 Cost/5 Strength - When Played: return any card you control (except Roc Rider) to your hand

Uthuk Y'llan:

Blood Sister: 3 cost/3 strength - When Played: wound any card. If Blood Sister Wounds itself, play a berserker from your barracks

Obscene: 6 cost/4 Strength - Send a wounded unit to the discard pile. if you do, obscene gains 4 strength

Waiqar the Undying:

Vampire: 3 cost/3 strength - When Played: look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck. Discard however many you wish. Replace the others on top of your deck in any order.

Barrow Wyrm: 6 cost/6 strength - When Played: draw a card from your discard pile

Dwarves of Dunwarr:

Forgemaster: 1 cost/1 strength - When Played: look at the top two cards of your deck. draw up to one gold card, and discard the rest

Sentinel: 2 cost/2 strength - When Played - discard a gold card to destroy an enemy card

Demolitionist: 3 cost/3 strength - When Played - look at the hand of an opponent. you may take a gold card with value up to two from that opponent.

Guardian: 3 cost/3 strength - When another of your units would be destroyed, wound them instead

Digging Machine: 5 cost/4 Strength - When Played: Destroy up to two gold cards from your hand, and add the combined value of those cards to this units strength

War Machine: 6 cost/6 strength - When played: Discard a gold card to increase each other units strength by one

Orcs of the Shattered Plains:

Ravager: 1 cost/1 strength - Resolution: if you have 0 cards in hand, this card gains one strength

Beastmaster: 2 cost/2 strength - When played: Destroy a card in your hand to make your opponent discard a card

Spiritspeaker: 3 cost/3 strength - When Played: if you have 0 cards in hand, look at the top two cards of your deck. draw one of them and discard the other

Lizard Rider: 3 cost/3 strength - Resolution: if you have 0 cards in hand, destroy any number of opposing cards of strength 2 or less

War Chief: 5 cost/4 strength - When Played: Buy a unit card from your barracks using only gold cards

Giant Troll: 6 cost/6 strength - When Played: Destroy one of your cards in play to destroy an opponents card

This is all from memory, so any corrections would be appreciated.

On a secondary note, Does anyone know how the giant troll is meant to work together with the other orc cards?
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Jeff Royl
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thanks for replying so quickly
What I meant with that question, is that I can't figure out how the giant troll's ability is meant to combo with the other cards from the orc faction. This grows even more from the fact that its ability feels to be more restricted than most of the other destroying units

I'm a little short on time right now, but I'll change the earlier post to better reflect the actual game

thanks again for your time
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