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I bought Forgotten Planet because I thought it was based on Forbidden Planet (easy mistake when you are not looking closely). I really like the box art, but once I opened the box I wasn't overly impressed. The bits are nice enough, but I was expecting something more thematic. The rules were bland and I was thinking I made a mistake. After a play of the game, I think I was wrong.

The game was deceptively deep...maybe. I say maybe because there were somethings we did in every game and I'm not sure if it was group think. We started building as many mines as we could before the tiles were gone. Yet, you do need more and more robots as quickly as possible. There are quite a few options and directions I want to try. This is a game I can see different strategies working (at least I hope).

Overall, I felt this game gave you a lot of options and different directions to go into. The rule book explained you need mines early and good strategies of where to build bases. This leads me to believe these are things you must do.

The art work is bland and the bits are nice but bland. Overall, I did like the game a lot and sort of had fun in spite of it. For some reason, it worked and was greater than it is parts.


The bits are very bland. The land tiles are just grey. The mines are very bland also. The tiles are good quality, but the art work is boring to look at. The robot meeples are cool and the best component.

The six sided die is basic. You get a lot of wooden markers and a player aid. The little cardboard that measures the board is nearly useless.

Overall, they are good quality but the art work drags it down. I wish the art work matched the art on the box.

Rule Book:

The rule book is very clear and explains the game well. It is black and white and comes off hard on the eyes, but the rules are short and you will use the player aid for most of the game. It does come in three languages and everything in the game is language independent.

You can learn the game in about 10 minutes.

Flow of the Game:

I won't attempt to explain all the rules, instead I just want to explain the flow of the game.

First, the game is scenario based. So every game you can set up the board differently, although the game comes with a few they recommend.

The game ends when there are not any land tiles left and then you can count your VP. You get VP for a few things, but mostly from owning tiles and then having the most of certain things (mines, robots, etc.).

On a typical round, the player will go through the following actions:

1. Check the robots to be sure they can work (they only work if within the players area)

2. Actions: There is a a lot of actions, here are a few: build a base, build a land tile, build a mine, build a robot, build a wall, sell resources, etc. There are quite a few actions. It is important to note that mines give you resources, robot are like workers on the board that can move around, and the combination of using your workers and resources allow you to build and get VP. I'm sure you have seen this in many games.

3. Check area of control. This simply means if a tile is closer to your base that anyone else, you control it (and place a marker on it). Note that if your robot is on a spot that you do not control, the robot will not work (see number 1).

4. Production and end turn. Any mines that have a robot on it produces resources for you.

I'm sure you have seen these mechanics before. You lay tile as you go which creates the board. You can build mines and bases on top of these land tiles (that have nothing on them) to create the board.

Should I buy this game?:

I actually liked this game quite a bit. I'm not sure it won't get old after a while as the strategy to start the game seems straight forward, but it could also be group think. The game is rather expensive, but the price is falling on it as it does not seem to have sparked a lot of interest.

I think the game is better than its rankings and the interest shown in it. This could end up being a hidden gem. It could be over produced in the future and greater bits could be issued.

Overall, this game will survive the purge for now. I really like, but I do need to play it more. After a few plays, it has my interest and that is a good think

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