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Subject: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man! rss

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If not a Dark Avengers set, how about a group of villains turned heroes, including the Superior Spider-Man? He'd need the Superior Foes to oppose him!

Attack: 5
VP: 3
Fight: Each player reveals an Instinct Hero or KO's two of their Heroes.

Speed Demon
Attack: 4
VP: 2
Ambush: Speed Demon moves to the leftmost, unoccupied city space. If there are no unoccupied city spaces, Speed Demon escapes.
Escape: Each player discards two cards.

Attack: 4+
VP: 3
Ambush: Overdrive captures the lowest cost Tech Hero in the HQ. Overdrive gets + Attack equal to that Hero's cost.
Fight: Gain that Hero.

Attack: 6
VP: 4
Escape: Shuffle Boomerang and an extra Scheme Twist into the Villain deck.
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BONUS: And here are some ideas for the Superior Spider-Man himself!

Lens Sensors: Cost 2, Common
Recruit: 1
Reveal the top two cards of the Hero deck. Put them back in any order.

Spider-Bots: Cost 2, Common
Attack: 1
Reveal the top two cards of the Villain deck. Put them back in any order.

Anticipate and Act: Cost 6, Uncommon
Recruit: 0+
Attack: 0+
Versatile 3
Reveal the top cards of both the Hero and Villain deck. If a Hero is revealed, you may recruit it this turn. If a Villain is revealed, you may fight it this turn.

No Escape: Cost 8, Rare
Attack: 5
You may fight escaped Villains this turn.
Spider-Friends: Each Enemy gets -1 Attack for every two Spider-Friends Heroes you have played this turn.

All about more information and cleaning up the streets. Fighting escaped Villains might seem lame at first, but it gives you a leg up on certain schemes like Organized Crime Wave (a perfect fit, thematically) and can help pad your score if no one's in the city. The wording on the rare's superpower is kind of clunky, but I wanted to give those old "draw a card" Spider-Man's purpose in the late game. Keep pulling them out and watch the Villains quake in their boots. The effect works on Villains revealed by the uncommon, too.

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