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Subject: My card game, any suggestions? rss

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eric clark
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Hey all! Thought i would post a quick text on my game and get some input from the community XD. Also, i live in Canada and can't seem to find a Canadian version of kick starter. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks XD

Hello, and welcome to the "Other Earth" prototype card game!
In the next few minutes I will briefly explain how to play the game,
as well as a few tips from Myself and other creators of the game.

Begin the game with a 40 card deck of cards. In this deck, you may not
have any more than 3 copies of any one card, and you may not have more
than 1 card or 1 copy of a "Legendary" Card. This 1 of card is much
more powerful than others.

In a standard turn you will perform 5 actions. 3 Of these actions may
be done at any point in your turn, and they are marked with a **

1. Draw until you have 5 cards in hand
**2. Play units, actions, structures and other cards
**3. Move your units
**4. Attack the opponent
5. Discard cards into your resource pile

Lets go into each step with a little more detail.

1. Draw until you have 5 cards in hand
This step is fairly simple. You will draw cards at the beginning of your
turn until you have 5 cards in your hand. For example, if at the start
of your turn you have 2 cards in hand, you would draw 3. This step is always
the first step of your turn.
**NOTE** If any ability would allow you to draw an extra card at the start
of your turn, you would FIRST draw to 5 cards, THEN draw your extra card

2. Play Cards
The play card phase can be done at any point during your turn after step 1 and
before step 5. You may only enter the play cards phase once however. Meaning,
if I were to cast a Shield Generator, then enter my attack phase, i would
no longer be able to play my spells until the next turn. Most cards can only
be played on your turn during this step, unless the card text says otherwise

3. Move your units
Other Earth is played on a 5x2 grid for each player. During the move phase
you may move any unit you control, even if it was just cast this turn, 1 space.
This movement is only horizontal and vertical. No diagonal movements are allowed.
If a unit has the text "Move +x" than that unit may move an additional x spaces
on top of its 1 movement. If any unit is able to do so, it may move over top
of another unit or structure, but it may not land on the same space as one.
Structures have a movement of 0. As with the play cards phase, the move phase
may be done at any point during your turn after phase 1 and before phase 5, and
the movement phase may only be entered once.

4. Attack the opponent
The attack phase much like the play card and movement phase may be entered only
once and at any point during your turn after phase 1 and before phase 5. However,
Unlike the play and move phases, the attack phase MUST happen during every single
turn. No player is allowed to skip there attack step, and all units must attack
during this step. When you begin your assault, the uppermost left unit attacks first,
followed by the unit below it, followed by the second uppermost unit, and so on.
If a unit kills another unit, its remaining damage does not carry over on to the next
target. For example if in lane 1 i have a 3/2 creature, and my opponent is defending
that lane with 2x 1/1 creatures behind each other, i would only be able to kill the first
unit hit. When a creature is attacked, it does NOT fight back. As in example 1, my
3/2 would kill a single 1/1 unit, and receive no damage in return. If a unit is unable
to kill another unit, its damage will persist until the end of the current turn, then
all units and structures health are reset.

5. Discard for resources
The discard for resources phase will always be the last step of your turn. When you
discard for resources, you are showing that your turn is complete, and the other
player may begin. For the phase, you will select from 0-3 cards in your hand, remove
them from your hand, and place them in a separate pile known as the "Resource" pile.
These resources will stay in the resource pile until used. In order to play cards,
First look at the resource cost on the card. This is the uppermost number on the bottom
left of the card, marked with an "R". Once you know your cards resource cost, you may
pay for it by removing that number of resource cards from your resource pile, and placing
them into your "Discard" pile. You may not discard to gain more than 3 resource cards
at one time.

This is, in essence, the game of "Other Earth". However there are a few more things you
will need to know in order to play. First is the win condition. Each player begins the
game with 20 life points. In order to deal damage to your opponents life total, you must
have a unit attack a completely undefended lane. If there are no creatures to defend your
opponent, he will take the damage. Secondly, if you ever need to DRAW a card from your deck,
but you do not have enough cards to complete the draw, shuffle all cards from your discard
pile into your deck, and continue to complete the draw action. This allows for non-stop,
tactical combat.

Key Card Terms
Haste - This unit is able to attack the same turn that it was played
Retaliation - This unit will deal damage to attacking units when hit, equal to its retaliation amount
Movement + x - This unit may move an additional x units on its move phase

-Play your beginning units in the middle lane. This allows the most movement capabilities
very early on
-Unit removal is essential in dealing with some high cost units. Save them from your
resource pile!
-Humans are control, Nature is aggro, and automaton are slower more powerful units
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Sturv Tafvherd
United States
North Carolina
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Reminds me of Summoner Wars
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B. L.
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Stormtower wrote:
Reminds me of Summoner Wars

That was my initial thought as well. The lanes seem like a cool idea though.
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Robin Goodall
United Kingdom
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Consider putting the draw up to 5 as the last step of your turn rather than first. You can then be looking at the cards you've just drawn while it's not your turn instead of during it. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to read through all the cards they just picked up before taking the rest of their turn.
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Turku, Finland / Boston, MA, USA
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mooncows wrote:
Also, i live in Canada and can't seem to find a Canadian version of kick starter
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