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Subject: A Most Audacious Game part 3 rss

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Patrick Bauer
United States
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Axis Winter 1939

So, having dodged an imaginary bullet, the Axis get about the business of getting into position to destroy France. The Lowlands is the usually the most cost effective road to Paris and Germany declares war on Belgium and Holland. Since I’ll be taking an offensive and will not be penetrating too far into France anyway, I also declare war on Denmark, a key stepping stone to Norway. Since my grand strategy is to attack Russia, Norway is eventually going to be necessary so as to impinge on Allied shipping to the Reds.

Italy stays neutral, saving its BRPs and remaining a threat, but not too much of one. It cannot declare war and offensive in the same turn. I am quite fond of an Italian first turn campaign into Yugoslavia, engineered to result in a 1940 start at 100 BRPs. Then neutral Italy is a true threat. But I have shied away from that, good thing too; goodness knows what the Allies might have done.

Germany has to keep 20 factors on the east front and those units must be there at the end of every movement segment. Poland holds 17 factors but 10 of them are air.

I have been quite conservative in my builds and intend to cycle inverted air to Poland during SR so that any Allied counter attack will face some Luftwaffe. Never the less this means my Lowland’s attack must be well organized as it will not have the benefit of total air supremacy. But the limit does not apply during combat so the air corps at Danzig is free to fly over Copenhagen without fear of allowing Russia to enter the fray early. Germany’s western offensive sees the move end thusly:

The Germans fly their air, counter airing the minor nation’s air forces 1:1 except at Copenhagen where since I have an advantage, I fly an extra one. Should assure a victory there, right? Of the 10 air at hex M27 (Essen/Cologne) 2 are sent as ground support to The Hague, 1 to Brussels and 5 to N25. I plan to attack across the tripled river and establish a BH there. If I need an attrition later that will come in handy. (yellow=counter air, red=ground support)

The Dutch and Belgian air force go down with nary a scratch to the Luftwaffe. The Danes fight like angry Vikings and kick the snot out of the overconfident Nazis. Germany loses 2 air. The French then sortie 2 factors as DAS over Metz. I honestly cannot recall if I was contemplating making a 12:8 1:1 attack but 12:10 would mean that an exchange prevents an advance. So it’s still a prudent move on Steve’s part. Germany plans to take the three minor capitals and exploit into Belgium putting maximum pressure on the French. (Red=primary attack Blue= exploitation)

The attack on Copenhagen is a 3:1. Germany rolls an unlucky 2 (CA2) and Denmark nabs the 1(Ex) costing Germany an Infantry corps. The attack on The Hague goes even more poorly as I roll a 1 at 2:1 for a full exchange costing me another infantry and an air factor. Brussels was defended with only a mere 1-3 and the ensuing 4:1 attack is without pain. The final regular combat battle is the attempt to establish a BH across the Rhine, hopefully the last one of the game. It’s a 2:1 against the now tripled Be 2-3; a seesaw battle of attacks and counter attacks eventually leads to the unit being eliminated without Axis losses. The Germans then advance the rear armor to the breakthough hexes: two on Brussels and three on the BH. The forces make no exploitation movement, so my hand is tipped that there’ll be at least one exploitation attack since I’m over stacked in Brussels if I don’t. France flies the rest of its air force in defense.

I had anticipated such a response and never really planned to attack the French yet. I was always going to just take a risk and attack Antwerp at 4:1. I luck out and get the “D”. I have swept through the lowlands and caused France to spend its air power for the turn.

Germany builds as much as its meager treasury will allow and does the SR shuffle that protects the inverted air from British counter air missions. Italy builds its reserve fleet and becomes even more threatening in the Med since there can be no Allied flip-flop with the YSS coming.

Edit I forgot to mention that Italy once again spend 5 on Intelligence that was countered by France. Germany sent the last of its two available BRPs to Hungary. I'd hate to not get all my minors with the variant because of enemy foreign aid.

Part 4 is here:
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