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Subject: Total Victory at Bull Run, and Slaughter at Brawner's Farm rss

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Two players set up for two games. One Bull Run scenario and one Brawner's Farm scenario. The Northern player wasn't much of a boardgamer, and I've played the game several times prior to this point.

I was playing the south during both scenarios and my advantage in Bull Run was immediate. My right flank swung around and cut his two infantry units to ribbons. In the span of a few turns I managed to completely dominate my right flank and earn two flags. The Northern player was getting some terrible rolling luck as he attacked me. In three turns he managed to roll all artillery, all cavalry and all artillery against my infantry units. I occupied the southernmost hills with my infantry and generals and it was for all intents and purposes a turkey shoot after that. I completely decimated the Northern Center, and rapidly snatched up flags. Before the six or seventh turn I had five flags and was set up to take the sixth, whereas he only had gotten a lucky roll to knock off an infantry unit. I eventually captured my sixth flag, but this game was soo one sided that we decided on a second game.

Brawner's Farm was a significantly better game. The forces in this map were better matched and both players got a full hand of cards. This battle went significantly better for the Northern player. His initial cards were very potent, and he charged down my center sector and completely decimated my artillery units and an infantry unit before he withdrew. Before the scenario had even spun up he was ahead of me by two flags. My cards were very limiting. I recieved a large number of coordinated attacks, but those didn't help me as I'd need large forces in any one sector to offer any threat. Eventually I managed to pull a few probes and a couple attacks, but by that time I was attacking prepared positions. The Northern player had constructed field works around Groveton and settled his infantry and artillery in excellent firing positions. My only hope was sacking his left flank (my right). I managed to pull a few right-flank probes and used the forests on that side of the field to screen my cavalry and infantry from attacks. Unfortunately the Northern player figured out what I was doing and planted an artillery and infantry into those very same forests. After the ensuing firefight I had only two infantry units left, leaving me with one flag and the northern player with four. However, I did have control of the forests at the end of the fight, and I took advantage of this. The last right flank card I saw for the rest of the game was played and I captured two flags from the North.

This was about the only moment I really got to shine, the rest of my cards were all center sector only, and moving my units away from the center made them sitting ducks. I opted to make a sucidal attack, which resulted in both me and the northern player gaining a flag. Unfortunately a sweeping artillery barrage on my left flank creamed a final Southern infantry unit and the North took a very bloody victory for the day.

Overall we felt that the second game was more fun, there was more of a challenge for both of us. I find Battle Cry to be a very good introductory wargame, as the rules are fairly simple and the rulebook does a good job of summarizing them. The Northern player wasn't much of a board gamer, but he very much seemed to get into and enjoy the second scenario.

I'd call it a successful gaming session.
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