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Subject: Ultimate Solo Challenge - Scheme #1 rss

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Nick Huston
United States
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When Dark City came out, I had a crazy idea: Defeat all of the Schemes vs all of the Masterminds while using the same Heroes in each game. (For those of you without a calculator, that's 126 games since they don't recommend Civil War or Prison Break in solo play.) Each setup will use the iPhone randomizer app, with a couple tweaks if needed as I want to try to use every Hero at least twice and each Villain group once.

I won't do a full rundown of each game. Just a final tally of points and a few highlights.

Scheme: Legacy Virus
Villain: Underworld
Henchman: Maggia Goons
Heroes: Hulk, Iron Man, Nightcrawler

Before the game even began, I knew I had some pros and cons to this setup. Having Teleport would be good because I could build up for a hand strong enough to defeat the Mastermind if necessary. Iron Man's Tech cards and Hulk's Wound removal would be key to not being overwhelmed by Wounds. However, no Marvel Knights vs Kingpin, Mephisto, and Blackheart would cause some headaches.

Apocalypse - Lost the first game due to running out of Wounds. Won the second game with no Wounds in my deck, but only one card remaining in the Villain deck. Four of the Master Strikes happened in a row.
Final score: 42 - 3*(7 twists) = 21 points

Dr Doom - Won the first game with no Wounds in my deck and 6 Villain cards remaining.
Final score: 39 - 3*(7 twists) = 18 points

Kingpin - Lost SIX games in a row!! cry Ran out of a Villain deck the first game. There was only ever one Hero that cost less than 5 in the HQ at any time. Game two had a bit of an screw up on my part, as I would accidentally KO a Hero every time I had a Master Strike instead of for Scheme Twists. Had enough in my hand to defeat the Final Kingpin, but ran out of a Villain deck again. Games 3, 4, and 6 were the same as Game 2. Ran out of Wounds on Game 5. Many of the games the last two cards were a Master Strike and a Scheme Twist, and I always drew the Strike first to end the game. However, did forget to add the Bystander to the deck for games 3 through 5, so I know he's beatable. May try him again later.

Loki - Won first game.
Final score: 40 - 3*(7 twists) = 19 points

Magneto - Won first game. Was very short and easy.
Final score: 23 - 3*(6 twists) = 5 points

Mephisto - Had a very bad start, but multiple turns of Hulk and red Nightcrawler saved me for the win.
Final score: 35 - 3*(8 twists) = 11 points

Mr Sinister - Last three cards left in the deck were Scheme Twists and Master Strikes (either 1 and 2 or 2 and 1; not sure due to mix-up in my notes). Rare Nightcrawler saved my ASS! Sinister finished with 9 Bystanders on him.
Final score: 44 - 3*(7 twists) = 23 points

Red Skull - Won my game. First escape I had during a win.
Final score: 39 - 3*(6 twists) - 1 escape = 20 points

Stryfe - Last turn had one card remaining in the Villain deck, and 42 attack in my hand.
Final score: 48 - 3*(8 twists) - 1 escape = 23 points

Final results and thoughts: 8 wins to 7 losses, 6 of them to Kingpin. His Master Strikes always came at the worst times, because I would have to discard a hand that could have beat him. Mephisto was easier in this setup than I expected. Hulk was a boss getting rid of Wounds for me.

Let me know what you guys think of the set-ups.
Thanks for reading.
Scheme #2 - Replace with Killbots
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Coyote81 aka Token
United States
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I might do something similar with a different team. I feel some of those matches will be almost impossible without the right match to the mastermind. BTW, starting with the legacy virus was a tough option. I find that this is possibly the hardest solo scheme of them all. I have never beat Mephisto with the legacy virus, although I always had a random team. We can compare and contrast.
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