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Team Covenant ran an excellent Star Wars event here in Tulsa. Saturday the store was filled with Star Wars enthusiasts and gamers aplenty. I myself was one such gamer.

Being my first TC Event I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. 3-4 guys watching star wars, maybe 1 or 2 playing the lcg in some corner. Probably 1 die hard trying to get a game of deciphers CCG.

I was way off base. My friend and I showed up about an hour and a half after opening. Episode 1 was finishing up on the big screen and the place already had 10 or 12 people there. In Classy TC fashion we were both greeted and warmly welcomed. It was my friends first time to the shop, but they quickly made him feel right at home. The TC staff had courteously provided a few anthologies of Deciphers CCG for public use. Before we could sit down we were welcomed to play 2 different opponents with our LCG decks. Between the few still working on deck lists with the new EoD sets, and a few games already in progress the store was filled with Star Wars lcg fans. But players weren't the only people there. 6-8 people were watching the movies exclusively at any one time.

All in all it was a great event and well hosted by TC. I would suggest anyone in the green country area to pop in to TC if they get a chance. The store really is unique and inviting. If you are a SWLCG player in the area then you should come down and help support the organized play. I know tomorrow night will be my first league night but I am already super psyched. You will not regret the decision.

The Games!

Unfortunately I had to head out of town the following day and am just now getting a chance to post Saturday's action. I will try my best to give accurate details, but I am only human and didn't take notes. While this section may end up a bit light, my 'What I learned' section should be chalk full of interesting tid bits.

M1G1: Local Netrunner regional champ, Red Wood Rising Band member impersonator , and all around good guy Tim [last name redacted] VS me. In my few visits to the store Tim has always been cordial and welcoming. Today was no different as he quickly secured My friend a gaming partner and offered to best me at the same time. So we sat down for what many people will consider the beginning of our century long struggle for dominance.

He kindly lets me choose Dark or light first. I opt to try my new Smuggler and spies list and the struggle begins!

He reveals his Scum and villainy affiliation card and I feel sure that I will be playing against a well thought out List with a number of tricks that I won't be seeing coming.

The story of this match really started with my first 3 objectives. Raise the stakes, and 2 asteroid sanctuaries. Starting turn 1 a slueth scout began rumbling into the end zone for large chunks of damage and netting me 2 free cards via auto won Edge battles. Corrupt Officials kept trying to stop my smuggling ring but Cloud city operative's proved that you can't keep the small man down. Boba Fett made a token appearance if I recall correctly, but it was too little too late as I won edge battles aplenty with 8-10 cards in hand every one of his turns. The death star Dial was at 7 if I recall correctly when I took out my final objective. Bamboozle was an all star allowing for multiple tactic negations as well as surprise defenders and attackers. If anyone was wondering if S&S would be a real thing, the answer is a complete yes!

M1G2: Tim Plays his own version of S&S while I pilot my current Navy/Wampa deck. My Navy Wampa deck still hasn't had a EoD tweak, but the Navy Objective doesn't lend it self to a Hoth style Navy deck at any rate. Tim's deck played similar to mine, but he didn't get the insane sanctuary draw of doom.

This game was very different then the proceeding one. The navies plethora of small beefy units and solid value just seemed to out pace the S&S. Being heavy Vehicle really hamper's Bamboozle few tactics icons from me made cloud city operative seem much more fair. I was a little passive in my objective targeting out of big attacks that just seemed to never come. He managed to beat me as the bell tolled on the 11th turn of the dial. Very close game, and I think me winning 1 edge battle in the mid game really swung it.

Time explained how tournament match tie breakers work and explains that I would have won on tie breakers because my death star dial was lower when I won as light side. (If both players win with the darkside the total number of objectives destroyed in the match determines the winner. Good to know

The time has slipped away from me this evening, as there is much more to report on and a great deal of edge of darkness goodies to share, but it is late. Tomorrow I will be going up to TC for the league and I hope to see you there. I will post more on Saturday and Tomorrow night as I get a chance...
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