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Astro Blitz combines the best parts of Chess, Checkers and Chinese Checkers into a new, fast moving space age game of strategy. It uses a hexagonal playing board—you can attack or be attacked from six different directions. You form strategic satellite patterns with your playing pieces, and you may be able to capture many of your opponent’s pieces in one turn. Your goal is to occupy your opponent’s space station. Simple and exciting, yet very challenging for persons of all ages. This set includes two separate playing surfaces—one for two players, one for three players. Imagine playing a strategy game against two opponents!


The object of Astro Blitz is to occupy the space station of your opponent with 2 of your Explorer Satellites. In the 3 man version, the players may split their occupying satellites, one in each opponent’s space station, or two in one space station of either opponent.


• The individual playing areas are hexagonal. Playing pieces can move in any of six directions.
• The Explorer Satellite is primarily an offensive playing piece. It can move anywhere on the board except in meteor zones.
• The Yeoman Satellite is primarily a defensive playing piece. It can move anywhere but only within its own galaxy.


1. Either player moves first on opening game. After first game, the previous game’s loser moves first. In the 3 man version, play rotates clockwise.
2. Each play is the movement of one satellite to an adjacent hexagon, if not occupied, or
• jumping over any number of one’s own men
• jumping over and blitzing (capturing) any number of one’s opponents men, or
• jumping over any of one’s own men and jumping over and blitzing those of his opponent or any combination thereof.
3. Each move is in any of six directions at any time.
4. One blitzes (captures) his opponent’s satellite piece if he jumps over it.
5. You are not required to jump over any satellite piece.
6. The meteor hexagons (colored tan on 2 man version and violet on 3 man version) can not be played on or over. One must play around them.
7. Occupants of the space stations may be jumped over and captured.
8. Yeoman satellites can not move forward of or jump over their respective galaxy boundaries; i.e., pink line in 2 man version, green line on 3 man version.
9. Explorer satellites can be inside either space station at any time.
10. A player, during a single move, can continue jumping over any of his own satellites more than once. A player can only jump once over his opponent’s satellites.
11. Once a blitzing (capturing) direction is taken, a player can not retrace. Picking up the blitzed pieces can be effected at the end of the move.
12. Once a player touches one of his satellites on a move, he must move that satellite, if it can be moved.


The winner is the space team that occupies the space station of the opponent with two explorer satellites in the 2 man version, or a total of two satellites in the space stations of his opponents in the 3 man version. You must occupy the space station(s) of your opponent with two explorer satellites or the game is a draw, or only a moral victory at best.


Astro Blitz II is played exactly like Astro Blitz except it is a bit less cut throat. Blitzing (capturing) can be executed only between explorer satellites and yeoman satellites.

1. Build progressive offensive moves that maintain tight defensive patterns.
2. Do not spread your pieces too much.
3. At some point, the vulnerability of your yeomen defenders become obvious and defensive maneuvers are necessary.
4. In the 3 man version, no one should consider himself beaten until the end, even if his explorer satellites are depleted.
5. Think in six directions—backwards, forwards, and obliquely. Also, think of moving forward by first moving sideways or even backwards.

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