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Subject: session from russia's points of view rss

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nate ben-porat
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Few weeks ago I played the most enjoyable diplomacy game I ever had. Maybe because I won, maybe because I stabbed so much, maybe because it was our first 7 players game that everybody took the game not too seriously and just enjoyed. Anyway I can remember the flow of the game pretty clearly and it wasn’t that long compare to our regular games, it was about 7-9 hours of fun.

Because part of the game is lying and doing secret deals I can’t know what other people talked about so this session report will be only from my point of view.

The first year wasn’t very special and now attempts to attack where mad by anyone. It seemed that England and France made a deal because both moved all their units out of their countries to get centers without being too worried. Germany played pretty defensive and after taking easily 2 centers he putted all his units together supporting each other. I went to take my Sweden and took Rumania. After arguing a lot with Turkey he gave up black sea and gave it to me. Turkey moved to Bulgaria and to Greece. Italy got with his ship in Tunis and moved his other units north and east.

Both Germany and England agreed with me on peace so that wasn’t a problem that concerned me, what more that their units didn’t touch my borders so I wasn’t worried at all. I met Turkey and Italy and we agreed to attack together Austria.

Moves: during those years 3 dramatic things happened. 1. France attacking with ships Italy. While Italy defended itself easily he had to put some of his fleet there that might have been helping finishing Austria faster. England and Germany had few engagements with ships on the north. England tried to get Holland with no success. Seems like they peaced at the spring of 1902 because no more battles were made between them. Oh and I forgot. Me and Italy destroyed Austria and then together attacked Turkey and took Greece, just duty. Austria was able to get Warsaw in the end of 1901 with support of Germany but after promising to Austria that I’ll not attack it (lol) he retreated. When I talked to Germany he laughed and moved his supporting unit a way saying it was just for fun (yes he did acted oddly).

Those years were more interesting then the first year in the diplomatic phase. Both France and Germany warned me that Turkey is going to attack me. I don’t know if it’s true or not but anyway Turkey was next on my list, at least I don’t look like a total bustard now, I can say the both warned me : ninja : . I tried to convince France to stop attacking Italy by telling him the most dreadful lies I could imagine but he continued trying to attack Italy. Germany now told me he’ll continue the peace only if I’ll sell him information on France. The only reason that I agreed is because I only knew that France will keep attacking Italy.
Moves: Those were critical years. After few turns I and Italy finally managed to get rid of Turkey. He had some amazing defending acts that simply stopped out moves but we managed to defeat his last unit on the fall of 1905. During this time France stroked again and again Italy and he almost broke his defense. Fortunately Germany on the spring of 1905 couldn’t wait more and attack France, so he attacked him. Immediately France stopped attacking Italy and went defending himself. England during this time declared he’ll never be England again and gave no orders.

At this time France came begging us to help him attacking Germany. France was on a very desperate situation and I couldn’t miss a chance attacking one of my friends so I and Italy assured him that we’ll attack Germany after Turkey is dead.

A lot happened this year. England attacked me in Sweden when I weren’t ready immediately placing his fleet next to my border (at this time he looked little more pleased with England). Germany moved his forces blocking England from reaching to my borders (oops did I lied again to Germany promising I won’t attacking him if he’ll do that?). At the fall me France and Italy attacked together Germany.

Deals: not much really. Me and Italy told to England exactly where we are going to move our units (not a smart move) thinking he’ll help us take down Germany but he was able to break my defend counting on the information and got Sweden. I told Germany that I’ll not attack him if he’ll block England with his fleet. He didn’t have other option so he had to trust me (a BIG mistake) and fell into the trap making is defend much weaker.

Me and Italy won. During 1907 we attacked Germany all three of us, France, me and Italy and removed him from game. I attacked England’s fleet in Sweden and won making it go back to Norway. Me and Italy didn’t wait and attacked France without a mercy taking almost half of it centers in a seasion. At this time England and France gave up seeing they have no chance to survive more then 2 years in the best case. So I and Italy tied on winning.

Deals: none.

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