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Przemyslaw Zenker
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We have finished our second game of Joseph Miranda very interesting 6DayWar magazine issue.
Sinai Front player (SFP) after losing his first game in a sort of a classic way, won this time
decisively gaining significant advantage in VPs over 5GameTurns both on Sinai Front, as well as playing East Front Arabs (EFA).
Egyptian (SFA) initial setup was, I dare to say "improved" historical version guarding: Gaza lightly , then in a curve from ElArish-UmKatef-both Passes. Stronger units deployed in two-unit stacks between AbuAgaelia and Bir Thamada. Backyard VP sites were occupied by weaker units with 3of them around SharmelSheik. That didn`t prevent Sinai Israeli (SFI) forces from rolling the front towards North and West, just in area between UmKatef-BirThamada. SharmelSheik forces were destroyed by Air units, then Airborne brigade took the objective. Of course all Reserve Air and Land units were purchased, with the latter ones skillfully guarded from being stolen by East Front Player (EFP). SFA weren`t able to develope any serious attacks but one and either panicked or defended as long as possible in Forts. They tried to delay SFI onslaught dying quickly.

EFA deployed with minimum forces guarding his VP sites, except EastJerusalem garrisoned strongly. He kept majority of his forces behind Jordan both North and South of Dead Sea then kept counterattacking with good movement dice. East Front Israeli (EFI) conquered West Bank by GameTurn3, then launched Air and land attack via Harmon, that succeeded in grabbing one more Golan Fort. By that time though, EFI lost most of West Bank again including EastJerusalem. He failed to blow up any bridges, disintegrated EFA on GameTurn4 (which didn`t help much since
Jordanians are excluded) purchased perhaps 4 Air units total.

All Barrage attacks were either destroyed or directed against land targets.

We decided to treat hexes 2709 and 2808 as Syrian which, while historical, adds possibility to envelope Golan Heights from the south. EFI lacks units in countermix to guard 2709 if we make it
Israeli hex as we should.

We also used optional rules.

I think, the game needs preferably- more developed Line of Supply (LOC) rules, or setup rules for Arab players. Otherwise it encourages SFA for example to setup in a huge triangle formation north of SharmelSheik, while guarding lightly the remaining VP locations. Such position would enjoy good defensive terrain, delay SFI conquest giving EFI much needed time , and is far from Israeli border. I`m not sure if EFA should be allowed to leave West Bank undefended.
Also according to rulebook; EFA Reinforcements can deploy in cities without LOC. Like sorrounded
East Jerusalem??

Preventing EFI from ever using Airborne brigades to drop behind Golan Line, is very important. Also EFI would gain a lot, if he could split his brigades into smaller formations to garrison his sometimes long frontline. It was possible in another excellent S&T game: First Arab-Israeli War. I know counter limits in a magazine game are harsh but what if we draw static units on a mapboard, then use some "garrison destroyed" markers next time?

Overall: very interesting game on less known subject, with a good strategic perspective, nice graphics,
little errata, short playing time, easy and very exciting.
Might be unbalanced and ahistorical at times but can be fixed, I guess.

Thank you Joseph Miranda!

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