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Subject: Three turns in Lorien is too long rss

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Ira Fay
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New Haven
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An early New Power is Rising plus Fighting Uruk-Hai causes Rohan
to fall quickly, even with Riders of Theoden played.
Practically all of Isengard was mustered within the first
three turns. Saruman was mustered the first turn, and the
Witch-King was in play by the third (or forth?)

The fellowship proceeds through Moria, but gets revealed and
takes an extra tile. Nonetheless, very little corruption
damage is done, though a Morgul Wound increases it to 3
total. The fellowship then rests in Lorien for a full
three turns, while Minas Tirith is under siege. Strider
travels South using Dead Men of Dunharrow, and recruits
three units in Pelargir with impunity, since FP was
holding on to scouts. Aragorn ascends, finally giving
FP his 5th die.

An exceptionally large force is mustered in Pelargir to support
Aragorn, but falls back to Lamedon once the Southrons attack. A
small force is left in Umbar, just to threaten the Corsairs, and
eventually Aragorn and his host retreat to Dol Amroth, making it
extremely unappealing to capture. Furthermore, Fear Fire
Foes! is used to bring the North immediately to war, and
Dale musters several units in preparation for the eventual

While shadow begins a concerted effort to take
Lorien, FP begins mustering the Elves to war. It seems
like the forces from Dol Guldor will reach Lorien just as
the Elves reach war, yet before they can muster any units,
but FP plays A Power Too Great, bringing the Elves to war
and delaying the onslaught of the shadow army. Enough
units are mustered in Lorien to bring it to a full 5, so
Shadow delays the seige (and also didn't have cards in
hand to discard desireably.)

The Palantir of Orthanc gets played and stays around for quite
some timing, greatly helping the Shadow forces, and all of the
special hunt tiles are in the bag before the Fellowship reaches
Mordor, while only one FP special tile is played.

All the special cards that cause hunts were played, and none drew
Eyes, which was quite lucky for Shadow. Furthermore, Isildur's
Bane, which forces a random casualty, got Gandalf when a 1 was
revealed! For the two turns following, Gandalf the White couldn't
be mustered because no Will of the West was rolled.

Eventually Lorien falls, giving Shadow 8 points from Rohan (3),
Lorien (2), Minas Tirith (2), and Pelargir (1). Dol
Amroth is unassailable, so Shadow goes for either Woodland
Realms or Erebor, whichever is weaker. With Horde from
the East, a large force takes Dale, bringing shadow to 9
points. Since Erebor is slightly more weakly defended,
Shadow goes for it and eliminates it, winning with 11.
(though Dale could have been recaptured easily.) The
fellowship would have made it to the crack of doom with
3 more movements on the next turn, but probably would have
died to corruption along the way.
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