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Subject: Assyrian Wars Narratives, Part One: The Reign of Sargon II rss

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Eric Stubbs
United States
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As an introduction, I've been playing this game solitaire recently and having a great time with it, so I wanted to share what's been going on. The style will be narrative, presented from the Assyrian point of view as if by a scribe of the time. Some gameplay details will be shared in parentheses.

I'll be doing one of these for each of the five turns; one turn represents the reign of one Assyrian king, so each session will be titled accordingly. Hope you enjoy, please let me know any feedback!

The Reign of Sargon II

In the early years of his reign, the wise and fearsome Sargon II arranged matters so that his realm would prosper, the better to prosecute wars against tribute refusers and other scum. (Played Careful Planning for more APs next impulse.)

Assyrian armies also continued the punishment of Samaria for refusing tribute, and in a brief but glorious campaign did take and sack the Babylonian city of Kish.

Meanwhile, spies to the east brought word that the Mede tribes were gathering in their numbers and organizing in ways they had not done before. (Played Gathering the Tribes for Eco boost.)

To the far west, the land of Egypt was strangely quiet. Perhaps they were plotting some mischief. (Played Pass Impulse for more APs next impulse.)

Terrified by the mighty Assyrian armies to their north, the weak and cowardly Babylonians gathered troops and mercenaries to their banner, and moved to join with the Elamites, who also recruited more soldiers. The combined force then sought to protect the city of Babylon. (Babylonian and Elamite impulses: formed an army group, moved it to Babylon.)

Little else of note occurred during this time.

The foresight of the Assyrian king was vindicated as wealth flowed into his coffers. And as an additional blessing from Ashur, the Medes and Elamites began a vicious border war, distracting both. (Played Foreign War: Mede vs. Elam.)

With the wealth thus gained, many stalwart Assyrian soldiers were freshly equipped and joined their brothers in Kish, along with mercenary scum that would serve nicely as fodder for enemy arrows. The mighty Assyrian force then advanced on fabled Babylon, surprising the Babylonian-Elamite fools and devastating their pitiful army. (Played Ambush and God Ashur Demands Holy War.)

Finally starved into submission, Samaria surrendered.

The Egyptians, stirred to action by the strife to their north, moved to attack the independent state of Gaza and claim it for themselves, though their initial attempted faltered due to the exhaustion of their troops after a long march across the desert from Egypt.

In a surprise attack, Assyrian troops laid low the city of Babylon!(Assyrian pre-empted Bablyonia and took the city.)

Dismayed by the loss, the Babylonians and Elamite attempts at resisting Assyria's power came to naught, as Assyria defeated them yet again. (Bablyonian and Elamite army group tried to march around the Assyrians and got intercepted.)

Once again, the minor powers were quiet for a time.

Assyrian forces in the Levant marched north to subdue the Israelites through the conquest of Megiddo. Meanwhile, Sargon II himself took the field and with a surprise march, took the Babylonian city of Anat.

The Egyptians managed to secure the city of Gaza, converting it to a new protectorate.

Attempting to take advantage of Sargon II's maneuver, the Babylonians and Elamites moved towards his army but were intercepted and defeated yet again. In the meantime, the bold but foolish Urartu from the north laid siege to Nineveh!

Borsippa was conquered by Assyrian troops, while the mighty king Sargon marched back north to visit Ashur's fury on the Urartu. His first battle went less well than expected but did distract the barbarians from their attempts on the city.

The Medes and Egyptians engaged in political machinations towards the Syrians and Phoenicians, while also attempting to attack Assyrian trade.

The shattered Bablyonians and Elamites attempted to rebuild their forces, and Urartu found itself unable to continue the siege of Nineveh.

Soon enough, the stratagems of the glorious Sargon II paid off handsomely when he engaged the Urartu again and utterly destroyed their entire army with only minor Assyrian losses. To the south, Assyria's armies rebuilt and eagerly awaited further battles with the Babylonians and Elamites.

The Medes and Egyptians continued their politicking, swaying minor nations to their cause.

Babylon and Elam did not disappoint, and led their forces once again to defeat.

Urartu lay quiet, the vast bulk of its forces having been annihilated.

Assyria recruited for its army but found itself almost exhausted from its many recent wars. Fortunately it was able to conceal this fact from its enemies.

The Medes and Egyptians continued their political efforts and also recruited troops.

Unaware that Assyria had little capability left in it and facing the threat of utter conquest of its devastated lands, Babylonia decided that it must surrender to the Assyrians to avoid further disaster. Sargon II claimed Kish as a prize, but all other troops were withdrawn and the great city of Babylon was rebuilt. (Assyria had failed a conquest check earlier in the turn but probably wouldn't in the interphase, and a lot of Babylonia was under Assyrian occupation.)

The Elamites, reeling from Babylonia’s capitulation, retreated into their homeland to lick their wounds as best they could.

Sargon II set forth orders to rebuild the empire. (Played Pass Impulse, which will take effect next gameturn, and first turn ended.)

In the final years of the reign of Sargon II and the early years of his successor Sennacherib, Egypt and the Medes officially declared themselves enemies of Assyria, and convinced the Syrians and Phoenicians to join their cause. The fools would have a bloody recompense for their arrogance, but Elam remained atop the list of Assyria’s enemies...
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Jordi Gea
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Really interested in this AAR. It has been some time since I am not playing Assyrian Wars, "I marched through the lands of Urartu, Zikirtu,..., and I saw no one who could overpower me"
Sargon dixit
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