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Subject: Seeking: League Rules Examples rss

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P. Al Williams
United States
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I'm considering trying to start a Formula De League and am curious as to whether anyone has examples or links to examples of league rule sheets and organizational documents.

Thanks ahead of time.
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Doug Adams
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Monday Bio wrote:
I'm considering trying to start a Formula De League and am curious as to whether anyone has examples or links to examples of league rule sheets and organizational documents.

Thanks ahead of time.

Here is what we used at Circuit Brakers, evolved over a couple of years:

League By-Laws

To be read in conjunction with game rules.

1. Time and Location

The league will meet once per month.
Start time for weather roll and car constructions is: 6pm sharp
Race start time is: 6:15pm sharp
Race duration is: 3 laps or 120 minutes.

A timetable of races will be posted at the beginning of the season here. A different track will be raced on each month, roughly falling into line with the F1 season. There will be 10 races per season.

2. Race Format

Each race will be a three lap race using all of the advanced rules. The only exception is the "Time Trial" advance rule to decide grid positions will not be used. Each race will include the following stages:

* Weather roll for the race, using the "barometer" on the track
* Car construction
* Determine grid positions
* Start race

3. Car Construction

Each player will be allowed up to 15 minutes pre-race, after the weather roll, to set up their car.

Before the first race of the season the teams will be drawn and the players will construct their team car for the season, using the car construction rules. The team allocates 17 construction points to their car, which will be fixed for the season.

Note: if we decide to run 2 lap races for the season due to time limits, then car construction will not occur - we will simply run the standard "2 lap" car.

On race day, after the weather roll, each driver may allocate a further 3 construction points to their own team car. This will bring the total construction points spent to 20. Each driver in a team can spend their 3 points on different aspects of their car.

4. Grid Positions

Grid positions will be set by reverse order of the finishing positions in the previous race. For the first race of the season a die roll will decide grid position.

5. Late Arrivals

Late arrivals will be positioned at the back of the grid. If the race has begun and the first lap has not been completed, then the late arrivals can still race, inserting themselves into last position in the turn rotation. To save time, they will drive in the generic "team" car, with their choice of tyres.

6. Race Results

A race will end when all drivers still running have completed three laps, or the maximum race time has expired. The maximum race time is 150 minutes. If the maximum race time expires, all still running drivers are placed according to their current track positions.

At the end of a race, the following driver's championship points will be awarded:

1st place: 10
2nd place: 6
3rd place: 4
4th place: 3
5th place: 2
6th place: 1
For each finisher (including above): +1 bonus point
Non finishers: 0

Latest standings can be found here.

Points will be tallied from race to race, the highest total will be awarded the title of League Champion after the last race. Ties will be broken in the following order:

* Most races won
* Most second places, third places, etc
* If still tied, a joint championship title will be awarded.

7. Teams

At the beginning of the season you will be randomly allocated to a team, and will have a teammate in a similarly coloured car. There will be a Constructor's Champion prize awarded to the highest placed team after the last race. This is calculated by adding the points from the team's two drivers together.

8. Absenteeism

If you are unable to attend a scheduled race, you have three options:

* Appoint a substitute driver (ie. player) to drive for you
* Ask your teammate to driver both cars for that race
* Not run your car in the race and miss any potential points.

If you appoint a substitute driver, they have complete control over the car for that race once the race begins. Instructions may be given to the substitute driver before the race (ie. drive carefully, drive hard, etc).

9. House Rules

The following house rules will be in effect:

9.1 Collision Die Rolls
Collision die rolls only take place between adjacent cars that are in corner areas of the track. Cars on straights are immune from collision die rolls.

9.2 Engine Blown
The rules state that when *any* driver rolls a 20 or 30 in 5th or 6th gear respectively, then *all* drivers in 5th/6th gear must check for a blown engine. This is supposed to simulate random engine failure. For our races, this is modified to *just* the driver who rolled the 20/30 who checks for a blown engine.

9.3 Re-rolls
You are entitled to one re-roll or gear change if this is your first race with us. After that, you're on your own ;-)

9.4 Cocked Dice
Cocked dice will always be re-rolled.

9.5 Wrench Points
There will now be four wrench points availabe during the race to be spent on any car point apart from tyres. Note, this means you may now add fuel to your car during a pit stop using wrench points.

9.5 Additional House Rules
At the end of each race, alternate house rules can be proposed and subjected to a vote. New rules are in effect from the next race.

10. Late Arrivals

If you arrive after the grid has been decided then your car will begin at the "back" of the grid, in the next available slot. If the race has begun but the first lap has not been completed, then you may begin your race from the pits, leaving in any gear up to fourth gear. If the first lap has been completed by at least one driver, you may not begin the race.
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alain David
Voisins le Bx
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I think a good way could be to subscribe on fd yahoogroup :

And give your question there, you'll find lot of fans all other the world.
For french writing list,

And if you want complete detailed rules (from box rules but with more examples & explanations) go to
and see marker "rules (2002)" as no translation of newer version has been done... and no big changes to rules in fact !
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