Jesse G
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So our family took a road trip over 10 days across westren Canada with board games for the first time since getting into the hobby 8 months ago.

Prior to going on the trip i had created a few posts like "what games to bring while on vacation" and "Gaming with the In-laws" which provided many options and opinions. One of which echoed the whole trip...

"If you are playing with "non-gamers" they will simply be entertaining your wanting to play games"

Being a proud game owner, i thought "meh, they will like it..."

Games on the trip

7 Wonders

So on our first leg of the trip we stayed with some friends for 4 days in Vancouver... we were so busy so no time for games....

So on our third day, i wake up and see my daughter (6) playing with something...

"What are you doing?"
"Just sorting" she says
"What are you sorting"

So i pass out again, to wake up and make my way upstairs, and there is my daughter who went from sorting to trying to play with the 4 year old we were staying with, and a large dog lapping his hand.

Alarms were ringing in my head, images filled with sticky fingers, torn cards and creases galore. But i caught them early, after explaining some rules the 4 year old said " i wanna do something else, i'm getting tired of you talking"

So that was that....

I soon learned that Starlit Citadel (Canadian online retailer offering up to 50% off retail prices) was close to where we live, and i decided to visit them after a day at the beach... I did not make an order but the staff were super nice, and i even met one of the women who do their great review videos. I ended up getting Some sleeves for 7 wonders that have been sold out at our LGS for months and months. And Airlines Europe as a gift for $45.00 dollars... which was a great savings from the $70 at my LGS.

Looking into the attached warehouse, i thought i was a kid looking at santa's workshop.... its was amazing...

So anyways we left Vancouver with out playing any games, but thats ok... we had played some games like Carcassonne with the In-Laws we would be staying with on the next leg of our trip.

So enter next leg of trip... 5 days left of vacation... In the mornings before we got going i would sleeve my 7 wonders cards and revel in their beauty, and review 2 player rules and general rules for Pandemic. So one night i thought i had lined up Pandemic, all the pieces were falling into place.

Then my wife passed out putting down our one daughter and one in-law was too tired, so that was that...

But my mother in-law was willing so i taught her Jaipur and we played a game of that. It was great!

The next and last night we played a game of bingo with our daughter who won once. The pot was gummy bears, so she was pumped!

Then i suggested we try Pandemic... The goal had been reached!

The start went well, but the mother in law soon had to bow out due to the time being played. She was the Quarantine Specialist so we were not about to lose that power house...

My wife and i had played before, but her dad had not, he was the scientist and did well...

We lost after pulling the 3rd epidemic card and the blue virus ( bird flu?) broke out in a 7 way chain reaction. It was an epic loss, but as anyone who has played Pandemic knows... winning is a rare event. The game is well done.

So in the end we played one game of jaipur and One game of Pandemic... A success for my first travelling gaming situation.

And some insight to what type of games would work. As well as the complexity. More two player, card games were not appealing to me initially but now i see that would have to be the majority.

It was great to still be actively gaming even while away.

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Dan Wojciechowski
United States
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I suppose my best insight is "Know Your Audience". KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Period. When my family is vacationing on our own, I take anything and everything from my collection, since we are all gamers. When we vacation camp with our friends who are primarily non-gamers or beginning gamers, I go for games from the light end of the spectrum, and particularly some games that support a larger, more casual group.

Slide 5 and
Sticheln work well.

Love Letter and
Qwixx are recent additions.

When there are 4 or less, I've had good success with
Ticket to Ride
Carcassonne and
Cable Car.
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