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There are going to be comparisons to Ticket to Ride with this game, but I think they are wrong. This game is like Ticket to Ride the way Agricola is the same as Pillars of the Earth. Sure, they are worker placement, but there is a lot different (no, I don't want to argue over the definition of worker placement).

Now that the comparisons are over, let us talk about this game. This is a fun, light Euro with direct confrontation. You will gain, lose, and gain again positions on the board. As the game progresses, hubs become more expensive, but you have to pay it to keep scoring points.

The game has a lot of tension with just enough luck thrown in for good mix. This is the sort of game you can laugh through, talk through, but don't lose your focus or it may just pass you by.

I have some issues with the components (just the poker chips), but overall the game is very beautiful to look at. I am overly happy with this game and highly recommend it.

Keeper for sure.


The components for this game is very good, with a single minor hiccup. I have to comment on the box. I actually love the look of the box. The box looks just like a crate and it is fantastic.

The cards are top notch although the art work could be better. The World Trade cards are great at showing the route (there are multiple routes). The planes are a nice touch. The only let down is the cheap poker chips, but they stack nicely which is I guess all you really want. The board is really functional and is very easy to read at a quick glance.

Rule Book:

The rules cover about a single page of the rule book. There is an example and an explanation of scoring. The rule book is short and sweet. It covers all the rules and we really didn't have any questions during the game. The book is full color and the pictures/examples are clear.

Flow of the Game:

The goal of the game is to score 100 points first. You want to create hubs around the world that will allow you to play the World Trade cards that score you points.

On your turn, you do one of the following:

1. You draw cards. You can draw two cards (face up) or take 3 cards off the top of the deck. The cards are different colors, wild card, and/or a free hub.

2. Purchase a hub. You buy a hub by playing the cards needed. Some hubs require 1, 2, or 3. If you buy a hub, you place a token on it. If you have bought a three and someone wants to buy your hub, they have to pay six (and it keeps going up by the number so 3,6,9,12).

3. Play a world trade card. The route has to have tokens (not only yours). Ex: if the card is worth 21 points, you get 21 point minus the points the other chips get (i.e. if blue is during the route and that leg was worth 4, then blue gets 4 of the 21 points).

4. Discard a world trade card and draw a new one.

Each turn you choose of these options. First to 100 wins. The turns do move fast and there is not a lot of downtime which is good.

Should I buy this game?:

Yes, I would recommend this game. Understand before purchasing that this is a light game with confrontation. The confrontation plays in a fun way. There are similarities with other games, but this game does stand on its own two feet. The game is very easy to teach and can be taught in minutes. You can play with gamers and non gamers alike. I recommend this game. Keeper.
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