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Subject: Shadow wins triumphant rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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My father came up to Durham to visit me and after pancakes and tea we played a couple of games of this, first with him as Sauron and then with me as Sauron. We both knew how to play but hadn't played since December. We played without the variant cards as I hadn't introduced my father to them. The first game started conventionally, Boromir and the Balrog died first, closely followed by Pippin and the Cave Troll. I began to shuffle forward slowly, and got hit by a Black Rider, who chose Sam, forcing me to play retreat backwards. Then the Black Rider fought Legolas and I played my '5', wanting to keep Legolas for the Nazgul. He played low. One for the Light! Then a piece arrived on my left flank. I attacked it with Gandalf. It proved to be the Witch King, who retreated sideways, leaving Gandalf looking silly. I pushed Sam up the board to avoid the Witch King (in fact, as the WK can attack sideways, I was not avoiding him, but never mind). The Witch King attacked Sam's square, which also contained Aragorn. He killed both occupants, and used Eye of Sauron on my "Magic" in the bargain. The Flying Nazgul attacked Gimli, both dying with "Elven Cloak". Merry finally found the Witch King, only to be cut down by Saruman moments later. Shelob devoured Legolas. I now had Gandalf and Frodo only, vs an enemy Warg, Orcs, and Shelob- who was in Gondor, of course. (Saruman was advanced too far to help his master). I pushed Frodo into the High Pass, and an enemy piece moved from Mordor to Dagorlad. I pushed Gandalf into the Misty Mountains. Shelob entered Fangorn. I pushed Gandalf into Mirkwood. The Orcs cut him down. I had only one move left, Frodo to Mirkwood. The Ring fell into the hands of Sauron's servants.
4 points to my Father.

The second game started with the Black Rider and Boromir dying, and the Cave Troll running into Gandalf. The Witch King went on an exploratory stroll round the non-Gandalf area, killing Pippin and then Aragorn, but Aragorn took the Witch King with him. Saruman now marched down the same flank, removing Merry and Sam before ending in the Shire. Meanwhile someone had crossed the mountains into Rohan. Shelob discovered it was Gandalf, and beat a hasty retreat into Fangorn. She then advanced over the mountains and eat the hapless Gimli, before returning sated to Gondor. At this point Gandalf attacked her, and both were killed. There were now two light pieces on the board- one in Rohan and one in the High Pass. I attacked the one in Rohan with the Flying Nazgul- and sure enough it was Frodo, who retreated to Fangorn. Legolas came marching over the pass, down the River Anduin and into Gondor, where the Orcs killed him (The flying Nazgul wasted time by marching to the Shire, so the mordor pieces could stay put. The whole time there was a Balrog in Dagorlad). Frodo then moved Fangorn-Rohan and attacked the Orcs, who were having their best day in months...5 points to me
Narrow victory there. My father said he shouldn't have attacked through Gondor. I said that both of us had used our good cards early as Light, and Dark had had '6' and 'Magic' right at the end...

Good game anyway.
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