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Dave Chalker
United States
Silver Spring
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In honor of Shark Week, and by popular demand for some kind of tie-in (or cash-in, if you will) for a certain weather-themed shark movie, I present Get Bitwistered!

This variant is for 1-3 players only, and it is kinda sorta cooperative but not really. It has been tested, but not enough, so I might come back and tweak some things. I'll also be trying it out some more at Gen Con.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. If you give it a try, let me know what you think.


You thought it was just the stuff of bad movies: a school of sharks has been picked up by a cyclonic weather event. And that twister is headed right for you. Can you survive the funnel spout of finned fiends? Or will you GET BIT instead?

* For 2-3 players (and maybe even 1)
* Requires a complete Get Bit! set plus two other sharks (or shark stand-ins, preferably of different colors)


Players choose colors as normal, and get the full hand of cards numbered 1-7.

Take the swimmers, and the three sharks, and distribute them randomly in the same line- an extra hand of swimmer cards is good for this. Thus, you will have a line with swimmers and sharks all mixed together. Turn the sharks so that they’re pointed the opposite direction as the swimmers.

Take ALL the unused swimmer cards and shuffle them together- it doesn’t matter how many cards this ends up being.

The shark that begins the game furthest ahead in the line has the smallest radius in the funnel cloud. Deal it three cards face down (without looking) to form its deck, and indicate somehow that the deck is tied to that shark. Repeat this process for the remaining two sharks, but with a four card deck, and a five card deck.

For example, the grey shark might have the 3 card deck, the red shark the 4 card deck, and the white shark the 5 card deck, each made up of an unknown composition of cards.


The objective is to survive the spinning shark onslaught. Once the “5 card deck” shark has gone through his deck twice, all swimmers remaining win, so one player might win, multiple players might win, or no players might win.


Play is as in standard Get Bit!: each player takes a card from their hand and places it face down. Additionally, the top card of each shark deck is played face down. If a shark’s deck is ever empty, shuffle it first.

Rearrange the sharks and swimmers as in normal Get Bit! (lowest untied card jumps to the front, followed by second lowest untied card, and so on.) After everyone has moved (or tied), EACH shark bites whoever is directly behind them, taking a limb. Start with the furthest ahead shark and move backwards from there. As soon as a swimmer is bit, move that swimmer to the front of the line, and that player picks up all his cards.

As normal, players pick up their hands if they have only 1 card left in hand, while sharks play their entire deck, shuffling when their deck runs out of cards.

A player who loses all 4 limbs is out. It may be the case where there's only one player left, battling three hungry sharks. Good luck, buddy!


As noted above, once the 5 card shark deck has run through twice (i.e. reshuffled once, then emptied after that, after 10 total rounds) the game ends. Anyone with limbs remaining wins, as the storm dissipates and drops the sharks back off somewhere harmless.
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K.Y. Wong
Gardens by the Bay
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Ok, so we're a little bit slow in this part of the world at catching up on the latest US fad. Just read about Sharknado. Thanks for the tie-in.
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