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Subject: Frederick's War Sequence of Play rss

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Ron Draker
United States
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Sequence of Play
Card Phase
ƒ½ Deal 3-7 Cards, Highest Card or Replacement Card decides who is Player 1, Prussia decides ties
Action Phase
ƒ½ Player 1 activates Leaders and/or Blocks for Movement or Marshalling ¡V place face down ¡V then Player 2 Player 1 roll on Frictions of War table with (2) dice and apply results
ƒ½Player 1 Moves and Marshals and places any new draws followed by Player 2
Force Marching
Individual Blocks -- roll 1 die, 1-3 lose (1) step, 4-6 no effect
Group ¡V roll 1 die, 1-3 lose steps equal to half Blocks round up, 4-6 no effect (Frederick gets +1 bonus) Groups use Leader Movement
Battle Phase
ƒ½ Player 1 decides order of Battles to be fought, announces any Fortress assaults or breakouts
ƒ½ Player 1 rolls for Reactions followed by Player 2, subtract Leader¡¦s combat rating (Blocks that moved or fought a battle this turn cannot react). Modified zero round two, Modified one round three.
ƒ½ Players decide if eligible Blocks will retreat into available Fortresses
ƒ½ Players reveal Blocks one Battle at a time
ƒ½ Tactical Action first round only and Combat Cards (only 1 combat card per player per Battle any round)
ƒ½ Fire by class Leader/Fort, Infantry, and Cavalry defender first by class in round 1 then simultaneous
ƒ½ Retreat defeated armies to an adjacent friendly controlled City Area or closer to Capital/Start Area
ƒ½ Victor may Regroup to friendly controlled City Areas.
Supply Phase
ƒ½ Players examine Supply Status of friendly Blocks and take 1 step reduction for each Block out of Supply. Players may combine steps of like Class blocks.
ƒ½ Resolve all Sieges. A modified roll of zero (0) results in surrender. Play Siege card before rolling
Winter Turn
ƒ½ Card Phase
ƒ½ Players may disband Supplied Blocks only.
ƒ½ Players must Remove Unsupplied Blocks (Leaders eliminated out of supply are removed from play)
ƒ½ Action Phase: same as above except no Marshalling allowed, no Force Marching, roll for attrition for any Blocks moving (Force March rules)
ƒ½ Resolve Battles, Combat modifier for Attacker first round of combat (-1 hit modifier on defender infantry first round)
ƒ½ Normal Supply check and attrition
Check Tsarina Dies
ƒ½ Start of 1761, Roll 2 Dice, eight ( or higher and Russia immediately withdraws from War ¡V Prussian territory occupied by Russians only immediately reverts to Prussian control
ƒ½ Each turn add +1 to rolls
Victory Determination
ƒ½ Austria wins Decisive Victory if it has 10 of more VP.
ƒ½ Prussia wins Decisive Victory if it has 8 or more VP.
Frictions of War Table
Two Dice Results
2 Spies provide valuable intelligence. Austrian player may examine Blocks in any one Area of their choice.
3 Spies provide valuable intelligence. Prussian player may examine Blocks in any one Area of their choice.
4 LeWaldt, Browne can Marshal forces, but cannot move
5 Bevern, Rumiantsev can Marshal forces, but cannot move
6-7 Charles can Marshal forces, but cannot move
8 Apraxin can Marshal forces, but cannot move
9 Soubise/Saxe-Hild can Marshal forces, but cannot move
10 Daun can Marshal forces, but cannot move
11 Fermor, Keith can Marshal forces, but cannot move
12 Bad weather delays attacks. Both players, movement allowed, but no Force Marching. Blocks cannot engage enemy Blocks, but can enter unoccupied enemy Areas. No new sieges, and no assaults allowed in existing sieges. No new fortresses or fortress steps this turn.
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