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Subject: Ambush as Wolf Swamp Road rss

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J Castellucci
United States
San Rafael
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This is the online scenario WSR1 from for the Road Through the Forgotten Forest set.

The map is a long road that goes from one end of the board to the other, with a central 'choke point' between two hills. The road is also blocked by trees, allowing player 2 to hide some melee figures and not get range attacked. The map has no glyphs.

The goal is for player 1 get at least 2 heroes across the board (and exit), while player 2 is trying to stop him. The point allocation favors player 1, who also has to setup prior to player 2.

Player 1 (550pts max) -- Tim the Escapee
Alistair MacDirk
Airborne Elite
Tarn Viking Warriors

Player 2 (400pts max) -- me the Ambusher
Elite Onyx Vipers
Krav Maga Agents
Microcorp Agents

Tim pretty much setup on the starting line, ready to make a mad dash down the road. I had the Vipers hidden behind the trees next to the road, with Sivarris and the Microcorp Agents on the hill to the south of the road as snipers. The Krav Maga were in reserve on the small rise to the north of the road near the exit point.

Tim starts off by making his Air Drop roll, and drops the Airborne Elite right between my forces -- both good and bad. I get his guys in a crossfire while he lobs grenades to scatter the Krav Maga and takes down 2 Vipers (suicide move with the Airborne to avoid the Evasive 8).

Tim follows with a Viking charge down the road to finish off the last Viper. After the first round all 3 Vipers down, 2 Airborne down, and I was somewhat scattered because I had moved to avoid being grendaded. Vikings were also climbing the hill toward my snipers.

Round 2 and 3 had me spending too much time trying to mop up that last Airborne and the Vikings. Tim took this opportunity to charge Grimnak down the road and fly up Mimring.

Round 4 had me take a couple of pot shots at Grimnak on the road, but Mimring was my main concern as he was flying in and I had to scatter even farther to avoid the hot toasty flames.

Round 5 I was finally able to put down Mimring, but Grimnak zoomed down the road to escape. I had been so consumed with Mimring that I really ingored protecting the road -- I should have brought the Krav Maga down to block the road. As his last action in round 4, Tim used MacDirk and Overextended to move 16!!! down the road. I still had an action left, but it was with my Microcorp Agents -- I got some hits on McDirk and was able to engage 1 of the agents by moving it up behind MacDirk.

Round 6 came down to a coin flip -- MacDirk was a 2 life and within 8 squares of the exit. I had 6 Agents within striking distance. Basically, whoever won initiative was going to win. Tim uses his mad dice skillz, and runs MacDirk to the exit for the win. As a consolation prize, the Microcorp Agent did do 1 point of disengagement damage, bringing MacDirk down to 1 life.

Tim was pretty happy with his forces except for the Vikings -- he really wanted to roll a berserk charge on them, but never got it, so their slow move basically made them easy targets. MacDirk was as good as he always is for us, even without the Scotsmen. The Airborne also worked out, espeically with the first turn drop.

For me, Syvarris was, well, Syvarris. The Microcorp Agents were amazing, given the map gave them height advatage for everything but the dragon that flew up to them. The Elite Onyx Vipers were a poor choice, as I really should have picked a unit that was more defensive against melee.
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