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Subject: 4th Session - The hunt for the lone werewolf rss

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C.K. Au
Kuala Lumpur
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Werewolf Session #4
And everyone LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH, we did a 4th session!! This means we've to shelf our plans to do a Memoir Overlord Challenge (next week then).... Anyway Jeff was requested to participate in the game instead of being the moderator. Lai Wah volunteered to take over and Jeff joined them. Still a 11-player game with 2 werewolves, 1 seer, 1 medium, 1 bodyguard and 6 villagers.

Roles were distributed and the werewolves were Jamie (again!) and Stan, Seer was Jacques, Medium was Kah Yee (that's her 3rd time being a Medium tonite) while Bodyguard was Jeff! 1st night went without much event.. and unexpectedly the angry mob selected Jamie (werewolf) to be lynched on the 1st day. Not sure whether it was a lucky day for the villagers or they could smell her wolfy scent. But no one remotely guessed she was the werewolf (after all, she was the werewolf in the last game and the probabilities of her taking the same role again in this game was like....). The Medium knew but was conspicuously quiet for fear of giving away her identity too early.

Alan who was seating next to Jamie was killed by the remaining werewolf on the 2nd night. Perhaps the werewolf were seeking retribution for his partner's early demise. Jeff had voted strongly for Alan's lynching earlier in the day and the werewolf Stan quickly used that to try and convince the villagers that Jeff was a great suspect - after all why was Jeff so eager to lynch a villager! Not surprisingly Jeff was nominated for lynching on the 2nd day together with Neoh.

Jeff has to pull out every tricks in his book to sway the crowd over to his side. The Seer (Jacques) helped by coming out early to tell everyone that he knew Jeff was a villager. Mun Loong did not believe and accused both Jeff and Seer Jacques as werewolves!! This made Jeff suspect Mun Loong of being the werewolf himself!! Seer Jacques then told everyone that he also knew Mun Loong was a villager - the seer happened to identify both Jeff and Mun Loong on the 1st two nights.

Mun Loong was hesitant to believe Jeff/Jacques but agreed to grant a stay of execution to give the Seer one more night to find out the identity of one more person. Neoh was chosen as the scapegoat for the day's lynching. He was confirmed later as an innocent villager... sob sob.

Neoh showing off the lynch votes he got! He's an innocent villager by the way.

Seer Jacques was supposed to find out the identity of Wai Keen (who was a little bit quiet) but it was a step too late as the werewolf got to Wai Keen first in the silence of the night. The werewolf would have attempted to take the Seer Jacques life but the wolf knew Bodyguard Jeff will be protecting him. Another villager lost to the blood thirst of the werewolf.

At this point in time, the suspicion grew on both Seer Jacques and Bodyguard Jeff as villagers seemed to be getting killed left and right while Jeff/Jacques continued to plead their innocence. Are they wolves in disguise? Jeff wanted the Medium to check out the role of some dead villagers but the werewolf mislead the group to think the Medium was probably dead.

The entire village grew tense.. everyone was wary of sleeping lest the werewolf comes and take them in their sleep. Everyone was getting edgy and wanted to lynch just about anyone they suspected to be a wolf. It was in such tense situation that Ah Bee, a quiet and nice villager was lynched for no particular reason except that he sported a hairstyle that some people (Jeff included) thought resembled a werewolf (goodness grief.. what's the whole village turning into?)

Ah Bee (the guy in striped t-shirt) was lynched and later found out to be just an innocent villager (oops)

In actual fact, Jeff was actually trying to buy time for the Seer Jacques to find more information on the werewolves whereabouts in order for them to fish the wolves out. The village is now down to 6 people after Ah Bee was lynched.

Night falls.......

When dawn broke, the entire village mourned the death of the Seer (Jacques). The Bodyguard (Jeff) have protected the Seer for one night but could not protect him for two nights in a row... It was clear the werewolves were growing stronger by the day. Without the power of the Seer or the Medium, the village knew they were doomed. They cannot possibly take on the might of two werewolves, not with only a small group of 5. Despair was setting in.

A bond of trust was formed between Jeff and Mun Loong. With the death of Seer Jacques, both can see clearly that Jacques was indeed a villager and Seer and he has been telling them the truth all along.

A gut instinct told Bodyguard Jeff that perhaps the Medium was still alive and perhaps one of the werewolves had already been lynched. An obvious clue was the lack of a supportive voice among the villagers save for the trust between Jeff and Mun Loong now. If there was a 2nd werewolf, surely it would have supported the 1st.

Jeff made a final plea for the medium to show himself/herself.. and Kah Yee finally stepped forward to tell everyone that she's the Medium and that she knew one of the werewolves were dead. She pointed to Jamie and everyone was surprised because we all taught Jamie was the dead Medium! Stan (werewolf) then tried to mislead the group by saying Kah Yee could be the werewolf and Jamie was the real medium.

Confusion reigned in the village.

The spotlight was now on Kah Yee and she pleaded with everyone to believe her.... saying if we chose to lynch her, the entire village would be doomed. But don't they all make the same plea? It was indeed hard to make any decision. A wrong lynch and the power would shift to the werewolves permanently.

Jeff questioned Stan's motive for lynching Kah Yee especially since Stan had earlier wanted the group to lynch Mun Loong becoz he said Mun Loong was suspicious of Jeff/Jacques earlier and therefore must be a werewolf.

This made the village thought twice about Stan's motives...

After some deliberation, the village decided to lynch Stan and if another villager did not survive the night, to lynch Kah Yee next.

Hopefully someone from the village survives this nightmare to help save the village. At this moment, Stan bolted off.... everyone gave chase and when they finally caught up with him, he still tried to resist.. but the folks were getting too frenzied and lynched him!

It turned out Jamie was indeed a werewolf and Stan was her partner-in-crime. 4 villagers survived this ordeal to claim a victory for the Villagers.

Click here for the full gaming report with photos

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