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Subject: Snow Crash - Mods Only Game - Starts March 20th - Signup rss

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Snow Crash - May 20th[b]

You know, I have played quite a few of these WW games, but have never Modded one yet. My good friends Latria and Kima came up with a great concept where Mods from previous games would be given a Role and Super Power from one of the games that they Modded. They asked me to run such a game, and I think that I will do just that. Beowulf has agreed to help me Mod this game and now I would like to see if there is any interest. It will be quite chaotic, so don't sign up if that will turn you off.

The theme of the game will be loosely based on the book Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.


Snow Crash (1992), written by Neal Stephenson, follows in the footsteps of the cyberpunk novels by such authors as William Gibson and Rudy Rucker, though Stephenson breaks away from the typical "techno punk" stories by embellishing this story with a heavy dose of satire and black humor.

Snow Crash (Stephenson's third novel) rocketed to the top of the fiction best-seller charts upon its release and established Stephenson as a major science fiction writer for the 1990s. It has made it onto the list of Time Magazine's All-Time 100 Best Novels.

Like many postmodern novels, Snow Crash has a unique style and a chaotic structure which many readers find difficult to follow. It contains many arcane references to geography, politics, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, history, and computer science, which may inspire readers to explore these topics further, or at least consult relevant reference works. The novel explores themes of reality, imagination, thought, perception, and the violent and physical nature of humanity, in the context of a socially-constructed (virtual) reality imposed on a political-economic system in the throes of radical transition.

The story takes place in a semi-America of the future, where corporatization, franchising, and the economy in general have spun wildly out of control. Snow Crash depicts the absence of a central powerful state; in its place, corporations have taken over the traditional roles of government, including dispute resolution and national defense. The United States has lost most of its territory in the wake of an economic collapse; the residual remains of the federal government are weak and inefficient and are used by Stephenson for comic relief.

Much of the territory lost by the government has been carved up into a huge number of sovereign enclaves, each run by its own big business franchise (such as "Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong" or the various residential burbclaves (suburb enclaves)). This arrangement bears a similarity to anarcho-capitalism, a theme Stephenson carries over to his next novel The Diamond Age. Hyperinflation has devalued the dollar to the extent that trillion dollar bills, Ed Meeses, are little regarded and the quadrillion dollar note, a Gipper, is the standard 'small' bill. For large transactions, people resort to alternative, non-hyperinflated currencies like yen or "Kongbucks" (the official currency of Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong).

The Metaverse, Stephenson's successor to the Internet, permeates ruling-class activities, and constitutes Stephenson's vision of how a virtual reality-based Internet might evolve in the near future. Although there are public-access Metaverse terminals in Reality, using them carries a social stigma among Metaverse denizens, in part because of the low visual quality of the avatars (the Metaverse representation of a user). In the Metaverse, status is a function of two things: access to restricted environments (such as the Black Sun, an exclusive Metaverse club) and technical acumen (often demonstrated by the sophistication of one's avatar).

[b]Example Roles[b]

[b]Hiroaki "Hiro" Protagonist
— As the name suggests, the hero of the novel, a hacker, swordsman, former Mafia-employed pizza delivery man.

Y.T. (Yours Truly) — A teenage skateboard-riding car-harpooning courier who helps Hiro investigate the mysterious metavirus. She is Hiro's "partner," and may be viewed as a sort of secondary protagonist.

Juanita Marquez — Hiro's old girlfriend from the days when they both worked for Da5id and were developing the software that supports the Metaverse. Both men were in love with Juanita; she married and later divorced Da5id.

Da5id Meier — Friend of Hiro, co-creator of the elite Metaverse club The Black Sun. First to fall victim to the Snow Crash virus. He is possibly based on game programmer Sid Meier (in leet speak, Da is The and 5id is Sid - alternatively, v is 5 in Roman numerals, so Da5id could be read as David).

Uncle Enzo — Head of the American Mafia, which is now also known as Nova Sicilia and Cosa Nostra, Inc.
Mr. Lee — Head of Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong; a franchise that Hiro belongs to and gets helped out by numerous times.

Mr. Ng — Head of Ng Security Industries, severely handicapped after a helicopter accident in Vietnam, maker of the security pitbull cyborgs commonly called Rat Things.

The Librarian — A complex but non-sentient software application designed by Lagos. It was passed on to Hiro by Juanita. It helps him understand what's happening in the story and learn more about the Snow Crash metavirus and its possible roots in Sumerian myth / proto-history.

Fido — A semiautonomous security drone (Rat Thing) partially composed of a stray dog once adopted by Y.T.

Fisheye — Member of the American Mafia, he joins Hiro on the life raft. He has a glass eye and makes people listen to Reason.

Vitaly Chernobyl — Hiro's roommate, shares his 20x30 foot U-Stor-It. He is the singer for the nuclear fuzz-grunge band Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns.

L. Bob Rife — All-around magnate, plies the seas in an aircraft carrier with a city's worth of people living in boats lashed to it. He could possibly have been based on L. Ron Hubbard and/or Ted Turner).

Dmitri "Raven" Ravinoff — Rife's spear-throwing, "molecularly sharp" glass knife-making, motorcycle-riding, Aleut henchman. He carries a nuclear warhead with him that is wired to a dead man's switch for protection. His goal in life is to "nuke America."

Dr. Emanuel Lagos — Researcher who discovered the metavirus and told Rife about it.

Bruce Lee — Leader of a pirate gang on The Raft.

Ashera — a deadly biological and verbal metavirus

Enki — Ancient Sumerian god that stopped Ashera by deployed a countermeasure which was later described as the Tower of Babel. He was a proto-hacker or as Stephenson coined a neurolinguistic hacker


Standard WW rules. I don't feel like posting them here. I will outline the differences below. If you have questions, just post them and I will answer. Lynch will be either 11:30am or 9pm BGG (or somewhere around those times). I will be using the terms role and power interchangeably below.
These are prelim rules, and since this is my first game and I am an inexperienced Mod, please point out any changes you feel need to be made.

1. Each player will submit 3 roles/powers from games they have moderated to me via PM. A 'Good' role, an 'Evil' role, and a 'Support Evil' role. I will pick the one that will be used. I will try to fit them to the roles from the book, but may have to fudge a bit to get it to work.

2. Each Night the players will elect to spend the next day/night in the Metaverse. Some powers can only be used in the Metaverse, and some only in the Real World. You cannot go 2 days in a row. Some players will not be able to go into the Metaverse and a few may ONLY exist in the metaverse, so they are exempted form this rule.

3. The Evil characters will be trying to infect everyone with the Snow Crash metavirus. It is both a drug and a computer virus, or is it a Religion..... anyway, hacker types will be highly susceptible to the computer virus version while in the Metaverse, others will not.

4. Some people that are infected may change sides, others will become comatose and be out of the game.

5. Evil will win when they reach parity, support evil will count as well as Snow Crashed people that change sides. Good will win when they have eliminated the Main evil types, it will not be necessary to eliminate all support evils.

6. Lynched Roles will be revealed, but not Night Kill ones (Snow Crashed people that become comatose)


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