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Walter OHara
United States
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Revenge of the Claverty Brothers by Walt O'Hara (Burke, VA, USA)

We just played this scenario last week using the older version of the rules (the MWAN version). I have a five building Western town, Mostly the ERTL cow town with some other outbuildings I picked up elsewhere. the town was configured like this:

I threw plenty of people in the street to act as NPCs.. I wrote special crowd rules-- It's interesting, to say the least, to have a herd of innocent civilians stampeding in fear during a gunfight.

The Scenario:

Basically, the youngest villain, Billy Claverty (starts as an NPC), is in the pokey after getting drunk and shooting somebody in the groin by accident. The older brothers, notorious back-shooters both, Micah (Skill: Terrifying) and Ned (Skill: Ambidextrous) Claverty, have come into town and are in the saloon soaking up some Dutch courage.

On the other side, we have the Sherrif (Skill: Charmed), One Deputy (Skill: Hard as Nails), and a Deputized Chinese Railroad Worker named Fong (Skill: Knifeman/Swordsman).

The Sherrif is armed with two fast-draw revolvers. The Deputy, ditto. Fong has an ancient double barrelled shotgun (lent to him) and a machete. Billy Claverty's six gun is in the sherrif's desk drawer. The keys to the cell are in Fong's pocket. The Sherrif and Deputy start on the street. Fong has orders to watch the cell and not to engage until the bad guys are sighted on the street.

Billy starts as an NPC until at such time as another player dies or the Brothers Claverty free him. The Brothers Claverty (elder) are armed with two sixguns (Micah) and a LeMat Pistol (Ned). Both have Arkansas Toothpicks in their boots.


Clavertys: Free your little brother and get out of town, and don't let any puffed up lawman tell you different. Once the Billy character is out of jail, he acts as a character under your control and on your side. If another player dies (either side), he has the option to enter the scenario as Billy, but on the side of the Clavertys.

The Law: Protect your town. Don't let the elder Clavertys take their brother away from his lawful appointment with breaking rocks. Use the least skilled gunman in your party (Fong) to protect the jail, and roam the streets in search of the elder Clavertys. Get the citizens indoors.

Gunfighter Level: Both elder Clavertys are Shootists, Billy is a Gunman. The Sherrif is a Shootist, the Deputy is a Gunman, and Fong is a Citizen.

It played pretty well, but the lack of skill on the part of the Law hurt in the end, with both the Sherrif and Deputy being shot dead, and Fong ended up pretty badly wounded. Billy got sprung and they road off, leaking gore (Micah also got pretty badly wounded, and Ned was not unmarked).

PS: I'm working on a Weird West scenarios that has Zombie Cowboys, Vampires and Indian Werewolves in it. I've been having fun adapting The Rules with No Name to handle this. You have to buy these expensive hardwood and silver bullet loads...

PPS: I've also written up a scenario for a Bank Heist for April 17th's session. One sniper, initially hidden (wrote some spotting rules for this). Two bank robbers being covered by sniper. They have dynamite (I wrote dynamite rules for this too). Looks to be a heck of a lot of fun.

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