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Walter OHara
United States
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The Magnificent Three by Walt O'Hara (Burke,VA, USA)

The scenario:

Old Sheriff Dawson is powerless to protect Cowtown from the evil El Guano and his goons. He's hit the bottle one too many times-- his hands are shaky. The good citizens of Cowtown have hired out some real, bona-fide shootists to save their bacon: Deadeye Dick, Hoot Higgins, and Mr. Connors. At the start of the game, Sheriff D. is sitting in his office, musing over a cup of cheap whiskey. Suddenly, he slams down a last shot, strides out the door, and shouts: "El-Gwaaah-no!!!! I'm-a calling yew a dirty yaller dawg!!! Come on out hyer and slap leathah!!!!" And so the game begins.

The Players:


Sheriff Dawson: Walt (run as a secondary character for comic relief)

Hoot Higgins (RIP): Walt

the Dynamite Kid: Walt (2nd character)

Deadeye Dick: Mark

Mr. Connors: Dave Markley

El Guano: Tom

Jose Luis Gonzalez (RIP): Bob (1st character)

Hector Lopez Ross (RIP, nearly): Bob (2nd character)

Rafael Luis Gonzalez: Bob (3rd! character)

Jesus "Canonero" Ramirez: Larry the Gun toting Psycho (showed up late)

Cowtown, our little western town, was configured like this:

In addition, there were two wagons on the street, a buckboard near the livery stable and a medicine show wagon in front of that.

As noted, the game commenced with Sheriff Dawson (at the Sheriff's office, Building 5, above) calling El Guano (in front of the Livery stable, Building 3, above) out for a bona-fide challenge. El Guano was caught in a dilemma; shoot an old drunk or get called a coward? El G. accepted the challenge and we went into fast draw mode. El G., being a shootist, rolled five fast draw dice, and the sheriff, being a gunman, only rolled 4. El Guano won. The Sheriff's body was riddled with bullets (mostly grazes but one knock down), so he had to spend time recovering and getting back up.

Deadeye Dick was hanging out at the saloon front porch (Building 1). He saw the Sheriff get hit by a fusillade of lead and decided to use his trusty rifle on El Guano. He got two aimed hits (we weren't doing aimed shots right early in the game, more on this later) on El. Guano. Both were head grazes. El Guano went down like a sack of flour. He was to remain supine for much of the game.

Mr. Carson (the Corral, location 6) wanted in on the action, so he spent his two actions climbing up on the roof of the Livery stable (Building 3)and gaining partial cover. Jose Luis Gonzalez, in the alley between the Sheriff's Office (Building 5) and the Blacksmith's (Building 7), took a shot at Deadeye Dick up at the saloon with his rifle. Hoot Higgins, going last, was on the southern corner of the General Store. He fired one aimed shot at Jose Luis Gonzalez, only grazing him.

The cards were shuffled, and Mr. Carson went. He fired an aimed shot at Jose Luis Gonzalez across the street, and shot him DEAD! Instantly, Hector Lopez Ross arrived on board close to the Undertaker's (Building 2). Deadeye Dick now had an downed bandito (El Guano) and Jose Lopez Ross to contend with. Lopez Ross fired at D.D. (blazing away) but not only did his gun unload but it jammed! Deadeye Dick got the bead on him and KILLED him. Another star for DD's card! Immediately, Rafael Luis Gonzalez, Bob's FINAL character entered the board-- again near the North end of town (the Saloon).

The middle game was not THAT exciting (and I may have the sequence wrong here, mea culpa, I wasn't taking notes, so excuse me if I get the details wrong). Rafael Gonzalez closed with Deadeye Dick and went hand to hand. Deadeye Dick butt stroked him and knocked him down. He got up and ran to the Livery stable to do some mischief to Mr. Carson. At this point, Larry the Gun toting Psycho showed up, late from a class, and Jesus "Canonero" Ramirez, entered the game in the same alley between buildings 5 and 7. Hoot Higgins, who had been walking up the street slowly, saw the danger and ran across the street to gain cover from the Medicine Show wagon. To no avail, since he got drilled DEAD! the next time Ramirez' card was turned. Oh well, live a little, die a little. Ramirez ran North to contend with Deadeye Dick over the unconscous body of El Guano. The Dynamite Kid was in the blacksmith's shop, getting some metal work done, and he shuffled out to see what was going on. Oh, yeah, somewhere in there the Sheriff recovered, ran back into his office, shook out the cobwebs and strode out, once again shouting "EL GWAAAAHNO! I COMING FER YE! FIIIILLLL YORE HAND!!!" El Guano, who had also recovered, obliged him with yet another challenge and this time it went a bit better for the poor sheriff. They both fired simultaneously, and they both got knockdowns.

The Kid lit a stick of dynamite and lobbed it in the general direction of between the body of El Guano and Rafael Gonzalez, who is on the north side of the Livery stable. The aiming dice sent it to a point where it did no harm to anybody. Oh well.

Rafael, still unhurt (which must have been refreshing for Bob, as it wasn't his night) ran into the Livery stable with some mischief on his mind. Mr. Carson wasn't going to have any of it, however, and slid down the roof, landing in a cattle midden in the corral. The Dynamite Kid ran across the street to poke his gun in the window, blazing away at Rafael. To no avail, as all it accomplished was to unload the Kid's sole weapon.

By this time, Ramirez had been shot down and knocked out by Deadeye Dick up near the saloon. It was Mark's night, as his character was responsible for killing or incapacitating three banditos. Mr. Carson unloaded his weapon in Rafael's general direction the next turn (through the window of the Livery stable), accomplishing not much of anything.

At this point, it was getting late. We declared the forces of good to be in the ascendant, and we headed home. A few thoughts on this game: It went very, very well. We handled aimed shots poorly at first (you have to take an action to aim, you don't aim automatically), and MAYBE I had too many action cards in the deck. Such is life. The El Guano character took a record EIGHT shots to the head-- we weren't implementing "Nerve Checks" and I think we should have, that got plain ridiculous.


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