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Mike Compton
United States
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Pit is a card game where the deck is made up of a variety or cards that are all of a particular product or "market". For example, there are "corn" cards which are all part of the "corn market", sugar cards which are all part of the "sugar market", and so forth. The goal of the game is to "corner" a market by obtaining every card of a particular market (ex. all of the corn cards). This is done through simulatenous trading amongst all of the players. Once trading begins, everyone can trade with everyone at the same time but only if both parties are willing. There are no turns. It is simply everyone trying to get rid of some number of cards to receive some number in return. All trades have to be of the same kinds of cards. For example, if you have two sugar cards and want to trade them, you would call out "two, two, two" and someone else with, say, two "wheat" cards may decide to trade with you. You can't say "two, two, two" and pass two different kinds of cards (ex. a corn and a wheat card). When trading, you do not see what you are getting until the trade is complete. Once any one person has a corner on a market, that person immediately lays all of their cards down and says "corner on..(whatever the market is that they cornered)". At that point, the trading stops.

In addition to the various "market" cards, there are two other cards: the "Bull" and the "Bear". The Bull acts as a wild card. If, for example, you have nine sugar cards in your hand and you have the "Bull" then your hand of ten cards are all sugar cards and you can put your hand down declaring "corner on sugar" even though the 10th sugar card is still out there somewhere. The Bear, on the other hand, does not act as a wild and, instead, means negative points for you at the end of trading if you have it in your hand. You may however, with both the Bull and the Bear, trade them with other cards as if they were those other cards. In other words, you could say, "three, three, three" and trade your Bear and two corn cards as your three cards in that trade.


Pit is a party game. It can accomodate a larger number of players and it's very simple in its game play. Once trading beings, the game tends to involve lots and lots of people yelling out what combination of cards they are trying to trade: "ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE,...." etc. In this respect, the game is well themed as it does reflect a stock market atmosphere. If you are looking for a game without much strategy then Pit might work as a purchase.

At first, the excitement of such a chaotic market shouting atmosphere may be exciting to some. I, however, do not personally like the game because the shouting and the chaos wears very thin on me very quickly and I expect that it may do the same for others out there as well. I can appreciate party games but this is a party game I try to avoid even when I'm in the mood for one. It simply isn't very fun to play and, after a while, the shouting that naturally tends to occur as part of the game simply gives me a headache.

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