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Lee Frank
United States
New York
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Hey Wits & Wagers Fans,

I'm a big fan of Wits & Wagers as a party "game show" game. See this video by Tom Vasel at one of the The Dice Tower conventions for an example:

I even pulled together a set of Sci-Fi questions using a BGG (they worked great at my Sci Fi group party, but I'm still formatting them for re-distribution for the site -- I know I'm slow...) Here's the link to the original survey:
CONTEST! Win up to $2 GeekGold for EACH best Wits and Wagers Style Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror Trivia Questions

Dominic Crapuchettes the creator of Wits and Wagers was very supportive. He encouraged me to run the survey and even helped fund the prizes. As did the Admins of (Thanks!)

Anyway, I was thinking of doing another survey for some more Wits & Wagers questions by different topics, but as I was browsing my favorite online board game store, I had an idea.

The new Cardline: Animals game from Asmodee:
Would work perfect as a set of Wits & Wagers question cards!

Each of the game's cards has a picture of an animal on one side, and the same picture with the Length, Weight, and Average lifespan on the other. Any of these would be PERFECT Wits & Wagers questions (and I don't have to do another survey.)

So my suggestion for additional Wits and Wagers question sets is use Asmodee Cardline: Animals and a 6 sided die. If you roll 1-2 ask the Length, if you roll a 3-4 ask the Weight, if you roll a 5-6 ask the average life span. Voila! A complete set of 110 new wits and wagers questions X 3 ! ! !
Complete with picture "clues".

Although it is not up on Asmodee's site yet, there has been information released about another CardLine series: Cardline: Globetrotter. This set has a picture of a country on one side and the picture of the country with size (area), population, GDP, and CO₂ emissions on the other side. This would be even MORE AWESOME because it would be 110 new questions X 4 ! ! ! !

I guess you'd probably want to get an 8 sided die 1-2 ask size, 3-4 ask population, 5-6 ask GDP, 7-8 ask CO2.

You could also use any of the Asmodee Timeline game series.

The series includes:
Timeline: Inventions (the first game in the series)
Timeline: Discoveries
Timeline: Historical Events
Timeline: Diversity (a mix of Inventions, Discover, and Historical events, but no over-lap with the prior sets.)
and the new Timeline: Music & Cinema.

For each of these the card has a nice picture on one side, and a picture with the date of the event on the other. 110 cards each set.

For Wits and Wagers you could ask when did "blank" happen?

Not as flexible as the new Cardline: Animals or Cardline: Globetrotter games. CardLine will let you ask 3 questions per card for Cardline: Animals (Length, Weight, and Avg Lifespan) and 4 questions per card for Cardline: Globetrotter, while Timeline will just let you ask one question per card: when. But still a whole mess of new questions! 550 if you get all 5 Timeline sets!!!

I especially like the idea of using the Cinema cards from the new Timeline: Music & Cinema, because I bet I can find some more Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror questions!

Anyway, that's my suggestion. Hope it helps!


P.S. Dom suggested some other games if you have run through the regular Wits & Wagers Questions and the Wits & Wagers Expansion Pack 1 box. In10sity, Guesstimation,Guesstimates, Fauna, and Gambit 7.
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United States
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That's a great idea. I can see mixing some of the Timeline questions in the original W&W game. I wouldn't do a whole game based just on one Timeline set of cards but it may be ok, if one owns the whole Timeline set.
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