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Subject: I win by beating up a girl. rss

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Chuckles is now a father--whether or not he is happy in his new role is a debatable question; I've not heard a peep from him since the parturition. Since Chuck has most of the games in our group, activity has all but stopped in his absence. I myself had been very busy with fire school, but having this one weekend free, I was glad to spend one morning of it in the company of Kelly, Ed, and Nora, eating cantaloupe and quiche under the nicest rays of sunshine in recent memory.

I have very little ability or interest for recordkeeping, but for the sake of tradition and of placating our avatar The Chuckles, I kept a game log as we made our leisurely way through two games. Here then is a record of the proceedings.


Ron: 95 (40 film points + 40 award points + 15 contracts)
Ed: 73 (46 film + 25 awards + 2 contracts)
Nora: 69 (47 film + 15 awards + 7 contracts)
Kelly: 58 (34 film + 0 awards + 24 contracts)

Strategies Employed:

Ron's (my) early game consisted of trying to finish a movie and keep others from completing anything better. Because the the 1st quarter lots were short on actors, this strategy was quite feasible.

Ron & Kelly were trying for the same awards--best dramatic movie
and best direction. Kelly was also in the running for worst movie. Neither of us had much of a pool of actors, and were always last in the party pickings. I managed to finish my films early in the 4th quarter, and was able to sit and collect contracts for the remainder. Kelly was still trying to finish one more movie (one that had the potential of upsetting my best direction win), but due to the bad tiles available and the lack of party power, was unable to do so.

Ed had a few things going on--I think foremost, he was trying to collect actors for party power. Other than that, he managed to snag the worst movie early on and managed to churn out some pretty decent movies.

Nora's strategy was to make a high-quality movie, and she did so very succesfully. Unfortunately, she devoted all of her energy to the masterpiece, and didn't finish until the 3rd quarter, leaving her little time to do much else of significance.

Ed and Nora were into the party game, collecting actors. Unfortunately, the actors early on were almost entirely guest stars--useless for completing movies.

Awards Won:

Best Direction - RON. It was between Kelly and myself. Kelly had the early start--after three quarters, she had 2 of the 4-star directors. Unfortunately for her, she had taken a long time to make the three movies she completed, and was unable to make a 4th movie. In contrast, though I lacked the sheer talent in my pool of directors, my having 4 movies made up for it. I beat her 11 stars to 9.

Worst Film - ED. It was between Ed and Kelly, and was settled early on in the 2nd quarter, under (somewhat) fierce bidding for a lot that included lousy special effects and lousy guest star Reiner Knizia. Both Ed and Kelly were halfway through making some pretty cruddy movies, and Ed's win of this lot cinched his win of the award. It sounds like a pretty terrible film: All Quiet on the Western Front starring Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, and Reiner Knizia. (Kelly's was The Three Musketeers staring Boris Karloff.)

Quartery Awards - RON (1st and 2nd Quarters), NORA (3rd Quarter). At the end of the first round, I had the only completed movie. The 1st quarter lots were strange--almost no actors (only guest stars), so it was difficult to get anything accomplished. I was lucky enough to get an agent to fill an acting spot. The 2nd quarter was also bereft of actors. I managed to finish a 2nd movie, and Ed finished a movie that ended up winning worst film. By the 3rd quarter, films were flying out the studios, including Nora's epic masterpiece, which blew everything else out of the water (more about that below).

Best Entertainment Movie - NORA. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, starring Ingmar Bergman and Charlton Heston. No competition. I want to see it! The highest possible score you can get in the game (22). Nora's early game was entirely devoted to this baby. She bought only high-quality lots and used her party power, and the final result would make you blind from looking at all the shiny stars.

Best Adventure Movie - ED. Frankenstein, starring Clark Gable. There was very little competition in this field. My own adventure movie was a quickly thrown together production, for the sole purpose of having a completed movie early on. Kelly's adventure movie was an attempt to win worst movie.

Best Dramatic Movie - RON. On the Waterfront, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Betty Grable. I edged out Kelly's version of North by Northwest. (Maybe hers would have been better if she had waited for Alfred Hitchcock!)

First Movies - Ron (Adventure and Entertainment), Ed (Drama). Consistent with my churn-out-something-fast strategy.


1st Quarter

RON - Sea Hawk (9+). +5 for best 1st Quarter movie, +5 for first Adventure Movie.

2nd Quarter

RON - Arsenic and Old Lace (12+), starring James Stewart. +5 for first Entertainment Movie, +5 for best 2nd Quarter Movie.

ED - All Quiet on the Western Front (4), starring Errol Flynn and Burt Lancaster. +5 for first Dramatic Movie, +10 for Worst Movie.

3rd Quarter

NORA - Gentlement Prefer Blondes (22), starring Ingmar Bergman and Charlton Heston. +5 for best 3rd Quarter Movie, +10 for Best Entertainment Movie.

ED - Frankenstein (11+), starring Clark Gable. +10 for best Adventure Movie.

KELLY - Gone with the Wind (15), starring Deborah Kerr.

KELLY - The Three Musketeers (6), starring Boris Karloff.

KELLY - North by Northwest (13), directed by John Ford, starring Orson Wells and Lauren Bacall.

NORA - The Grapes of Wrath (12), starring Cary Grant and Marylin Monroe.

4th Quarter

RON - On the Waterfront (14+), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Betty Grable. +10 for Best Dramatic Movie.

RON - Casablanca (5), starring Rita Moreno.

NORA - Ben Hur (13), starring Frank Sinatra.

ED - Bambi (14).

Final Note: The very last auctioned lot contained two cruddy tiles, one of which let Ed finish Bambi (and the other, a guest star, he threw away). The bidding for this lot went up to crazy high values (14 I think?) due to competition from Kelly, who had absolutely no use for either tile! After bidding was completed, it turned out that Kelly thought the guest star was an actor! Kelly seemed unapologetic for bankrupting Ed by mistake.
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