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Subject: Scenario 1 - The Guards Counterattack rss

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The setup for this scenario doesn’t give too many options. I set up the Germans quite defensively, the Russians set up in what I would consider a normal disposition.

Russian turn 1
The Russians laid down some covering fire in an attempt to unnerve my troops, breaking a squad in the western building. A few of the Guard units then attempted to cross the street to take advantage of this. The German Defensive Fire cut down one squad as it broke cover, and sent another running for the safety of some woods even further west. One squad made it in to the building, but was broken by fire coming from the southeast. Two more Russian units and a leader were broken in other areas of the battle as the Germans firepower proved quite accurate. The Russian advancing fire had no effect, and other than some Guard units edging closer through the wooden buildings, they dug that little bit deeper into the cover they had as there were as yet no opportunities for them to exploit.

German turn 1
The Germans blazed away with everything they had at every they could see, with hardly any effect except for making one squad in the eastern building keep their heads down. That is until they fired on the Guards with Colonel Berki in support, in the wooden buildings. Excellent training and accuracy led to all 31 men being wiped out. The guards had now lost 5 squads outright and another was cowering in the woods far from the essential rallying powers of any leader. The Russian’s response could only break one squad and the leader in the small central building.

Russian turn 2
The Germans successfully rallied all their broken troops. The Russians attempted to rally a leader, but he was no longer capable of any battlefield role, suffering from extreme shellshock. Things were now looking grim for the Russians: almost leaderless and suffering high casualty rates. However, the order was to advance at all costs! One German squad broke under the initial Russian firing, and then the hordes attacked. In the west, nearly half the remaining Guards charged across the street, surviving all German attempts to kill them. They made it into the building and engaged the Germans at close quarters. In the east, a squad of very brave (or very stupid) Russians ran across a street covered by the rifles of nearly 50 Germans and three machine guns. Several fell as a heavy machine gun opened up, but the rest ran back to the cover of the large building behind them. The rest of the Germans continued to demonstrate their higher training levels with continual accurate attacks against almost every remaining Russian stronghold. Within seconds, almost everyone in the eastern Russian building was cowering in fear for their lives, and several men ran from the battle unable to contain their fear any longer. Even the melee to the west went against the Russians. The Germans wiped out half their number for no loss in the first close quarters exchange.

German turn 2
Again, the German’s discipline came to their rescue, as every broken unit regained it’s combat-readiness. Not so for the Russians. Without many leaders to rally them, they were rapidly degenerating into nothing more than a collection of battlefield refugees. The final Russian strongpoint, containing the MMG and their final leader, fell to the deadly accuracy of the Germans. One of the remaining two good order infantry units in the east lost their cohesion as the Russian casualty count continued to rise. The Germans now had a sufficient advantage to launch a counterattack on the fatigued Russians. Several squads advanced from their positions in an attempt to capture enemy equipment and to flush the stragglers from the area. In their eagerness, they hadn’t realised that a few Russians were still capable of resistance. 11 Germans soon lay dead in the street, leaving an hmg in a tempting location for the Russians. The last Russians engaged in close combat fell, having achieved nothing in exchange for their lives.

Russian turn 3
Following some effective covering fire, another Guard unit attempted to cross the street in the west, hoping to gain a foothold in the building opposite. In the east, a squad picked up the hmg in the hope of turning it on their enemies. However, harassing fire caused them to stop short in their efforts, and run back to the shelter of the building. The Guards finally got the toehold they wanted, capturing two German lmgs in the process. However, they were still heavily outnumbered by the enemy - but it was a start!

German turn 3
Two massive prep fire attacks against the Russian Guard unit caused it to break. The Germans then recaptured their hmg and consolidated their hold on the central building. The remaining good order Russians broke the Germans currently in command of the Russian MMG. Meanwhile, the Germans entered the large building to the east of the board.

Russian turn 4
The Russians were by now reduced to three good order squads in the north western building. They tried to break up the German units, but couldn’t manage it. In return, the Germans forced two of the squads to break, but the third had finally had enough and went berserk.

German turn 4
The Germans were unable to rally their troops with the Russian mmg. Every available gun was trained on the final Russian squad, the berserkers. It seemed that nothing would stop them. They returned fire, but the Germans were safe behind their thick stone walls. One German squad advanced slowly out in to the street in an attempt to draw the berserkers out of cover.

Russian turn 5
The Russians had no choice but to charge, screaming, into the street to kill Germans. They survived three massive attacks (36ift-2, 8ift-3, 12ift-2) but a fourth (16ift-4) stopped them, dead. The only Russians left alive were either already far away or would soon be captured by the Germans.
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