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Subject: Early werewolf death but game went to last round rss

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C.K. Au
Kuala Lumpur
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Alrite, now that everyone has had their chance to play one or two rounds of games, we assembled everyone for the highlight of the evening, a game of Werewolf. In our enthusiasm, we did 4 games of Werewolf last week but we were conscious of limiting that to perhaps 2 games for this week so as to be able to fit other games into the agenda. But let's get the 1st Werewolf game started.

Werewolf - Game 1
Alan offered to be the moderator for the evening so this meant Jeff got to play. This was a 12-player game of Werewolf; with two werewolves, one seer, one medium and one bodyguard. We did not add any new roles as we have two new members who have not yet played Werewolf - DK and Mohd Hadi. Jeff started by briefing the newcomers on the gameplay.

Then everyone got seated and roles were shuffled and distributed by Alan.

1st night was as usual pretty uneventful. Nothing much happened except the Seer got to finger someone and know more about that person's identity. Daytime, everyone got together to throw suspicions around. The villagers were deliberating on the noises they heard last night when DK, who has just settled in this village recently and have been keeping very much to himself suddenly started asking "funny" questions about who the seer is, does the village have a medium, etc.

Perhaps he's new and therefore can't be faulted but this village ever since it survived the last Werewolf's rampage many moons back have always been sitting on its edge... and the angry mob can be stirred easily on the mere mention of the seer and medium! They still could not forget how the last seer died so valiantly trying to protect the village.... Even though the new seer has been practicing for years now and have acquired quite a talent for spotting the differences between human and wolves, the villagers were only too conscious of the need to protect the seer's identity as much as they could.

So when DK rocked the boat by making one too many inquiries about the seer, he was nominated to be lynched by the villagers. There was not even a second of hesitation.. the entire village chose to lynch him! He didn't survive to see the light of another day. sigh.

The medium as expected went to his grave and seek him out at night, only to be scared off by the sound of wolves howling! Could it be the new man DK was indeed a werewolf? The medium dug out the grave... and indeed inside was the body of a werewolf, dead and buried. The discovery chilled the medium's bones as werewolves always hunt in pairs which mean there is still one werewolf hiding among the villagers!

The following morning, Jeff took up the courage to declare himself as a medium and told the villagers that he has spoken with the dead and found the lynched villager DK was a werewolf. The curse of the wolves was back among this village. They know everyone is not safe now until they have found, hunted and killed the 2nd werewolf.

Medium Jeff knew his life is now endangered but by braving his own identity, he has also given Neoh the courage to make contact with him and identify himself as the Seer. Through eye contact, both the medium and the seer now know each other. But can they believe each other? Can the villagers believe them? Were they really the Medium and Seer - or were they the two Werewolves playing on the villagers' insecurities?

Nevertheless the villagers knew evil was upon them, and quickly must they act or else more will perish under the bloodthirst of the cursed.

They held a deliberation in the Town Hall, attempting to flush out the 2nd werewolf (if they indeed believed the words of Jeff). A commoner Jacques stepped out to verify to the others that he believed Jeff was indeed the medium. But then who was the 2nd wolf? The villagers was getting edgy... and someone claimed he saw Wai Keen out in the forest at night.. Wai Keen couldn't present a good alibi and in the absence of one, the angry mob decided it's better to kill a wrong villager than to let loose a wolf.

Still the kills continued at night (so it was obvious Wai Keen was not a wolf)..... the hunger of the werewolf cannot be satiated.

Everyone proclaimed their innocence. The Seer didn't manage to spot the werewolf among the villagers. The Medium on the other hand only talks to dead people and since only villagers were slain, not much information was derived from that source. Soon, even the Medium was not spared. Jeff was found with his stomach brutally torn opened one morning... the werewolf has finally gotten to one of the two Great Powers in the village. Only the Seer remains...

The villagers got angrier in the day.. and in their anger, they were ready to lynch just about anyone. Obviously this didn't help them... the number of surviving villagers grew less and less as the day passed. Only 4 remained (Neoh, Jamie, Pak Hoe and Stan)..... and one of them is the werewolf. Jamie was among the four but she has been spared from any suspicion as she was one of the few villagers who were very keen to lynch DK (the dead werewolf).

However as night slowly drift upon the village, the other three villagers were starting to eye Jamie suspiciously. Could she have been the werewolf... hiding cleverly among the villagers? Night falls... and when dawn broke, Jamie and Pak Hoe saw Neoh dashing over to Stan's house with a fork... they heard what appeared to be some fierce fighting.. but by the time both of them rushed over, they saw Neoh on the floor with his neck ripped opened and Stan with the fork stabbed deep into his chest, and transformed halfway into a werewolf.

Once again, the Seer have given up his life to save the villagers from the threat of the accursed half man half wolf creatures. Jamie and Pak Hoe walked off, wondering whether this is the end of the curse of the werewolves on their village?

The Actors and Actresses

Werewolves - DK and Stan
Seer/Fortune Teller - Neoh
Medium - Jeff
Bodyguard - Kah Yee (hmm.. she also get the luck of the shuffle with a special role)
Villagers - Wai Yan, Lai Wah, Jamie, Wai Keen, Pak Hoe, Jacques, Mohd Hadi

Actually the game ended wrongly. Neoh was actually killed by werewolf Stan in the night phase but he was indeed the Seer and he pointed at Jamie. The moderator informed him Jamie was a villager and since Neoh had already found out Pak Hoe was also a villager, by deduction he knew Stan has to be the werewolf. But he took matters into his own hands and opened Stan's role card, exposing him as the 2nd werewolf - and therefore ending the game prematurely. He should have allowed the three surviving players - Jamie, Pak Hoe and Stan - to make the lynch vote.

Click here for the full gaming report with photos

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