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C.K. Au
Kuala Lumpur
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Werewolf - Game 2; introducing the Owl
As usual one round of Werewolf won't be able to satisfy this crowd, and they bayed (in keeping with the spirit of the game) for a second game. Everyone agreed (obviously) and the moderator (Alan) shuffled and distributed the roles again. Same group of players, but with change of seating positions.

Since everyone in this group has had a game or two of Werewolf under their experience, we decided to introduce a new character, The Owl to liven things up a little. The Owl (aka Sorceror) works for the werewolves though the werewolves and the Owl do not recognize each other. The Owl has its own turn in the Night Phase. He can point to any player and the moderator will show him a card to indicate whether the player is a Villager, Werewolf or Seer (Fortune Teller).

Therefore the Owl's mission is to find out who's the Seer and pass that information to the Werewolves. The Seer is the Werewolves deadliest foe since only the Seer can know who is the werewolf. With the Seer dead, the villagers can only go by gut feelings or random deductions.

But since the Werewolves do not know who the Owl is, they run the risk of killing him at night too.

On the 1st day, Wai Keen suddenly turned all chatty... and since this did not seem like his normal behavior, he was lynched! Auch... when you play this game you gotta be careful. If you do something the group considered not your "normal behavior", you go up the Werewolf Suspicion Meter pretty quickly . Well, if it's any consolation, Wai Keen broke our group record for highest kill votes received (he got ALL ten votes)!

On the 2nd day, Pak Hoe was nominated for lynching. When given his turn to explain why he shouldn't be lynched, Pak Hoe was suddenly a little expressive trying to hint to us that he was really innocent. Now, from the past few games Pak Hoe played, when he was nominated, he usually shrugged his shoulders and just said, "I'm a villager if you believe me." and leave his fate to the hands of the villagers.

What do we have here? Aaah.... "unusual behavior". So guessed what happened? He was lynched.

When the Medium checked on Pak Hoe's status, he was given the Villager status and everybody mourned his wrongful lynch the following day. But what nobody knew at that time (as the Owl's role is not revealed until the end) was Pak Hoe actually was the Owl! He was working for the werewolves and trying to find out who is the Seer. Innocent my foot!!

Jeff asked for the Seer (no one knew who's holding this role) to point at Jamie to check whether she's a werewolf. And lo and behold... Jamie was killed during the Night Phase. This immediately led everyone to believe there must be an inexperienced werewolf around that resulted in this kill. Everyone looked at Mohd Hadi (one of the two newcomers to our gaming session today) and turned on him...... agreeing to lynch him regardless of whether he's the wolf or not.

Jeff was then killed in retaliation in that night for suggesting Mohd Hadi to be lynched. Jacques came out and told everyone he's the Medium and Hadi was indeed a werewolf. If we believe him then it meant there's only a lone werewolf now and easier for us to hunt down and kill. But the fact that we have not heard from the Seer till now got us worrying.

Jacques didn't survive that night too. Looked like this werewolf kills in retaliation. Whether Jacques was really the Medium nobody knew but at least everyone knew he is a villager and upped their effort to flush out the werewolf within themselves in order for the death of so many villagers not to be in vain.

The werewolf then got careless. During one of the night kills, it left a trace.. that the Seer followed and suddenly she (yes the seer was Kah Yee) saw a vision that showed Lai Wah as the werewolf! She let out a gasp and when morning came, quickly round up everyone and accused Lai Wah of being the werewolf. Mob mentality ensured everyone followed to lynch Lai Wah. Did we lynch the wrong person again?

Lai Wah's body slowly turned into the form of a werewolf... and the villagers then know they have finally killed the last of the werewolves (at least for this week!)

The Actors and Actresses

Werewolves - Mohd Hadi and Lai Wah
Seer/Fortune Teller - Kah Yee (again, she got a special role!)
Medium - Jacques
Bodyguard - Wai Yan
Owl - Pak Hoe
Villagers - Jamie, Wai Keen, DK, Jeff, Stan, Neoh

Click here for the full gaming report with photos

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