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Subject: I felt like Robb Stark at the end of this one rss

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Bob Jones
United States
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It began typically, with Hannibal crossing the Alps with a full force and gaining control of Galia Cisalpina. The consular armies, wary of Hannibal's tactical cunning, opted not to engage during the first year of the war and instead P. Scipio raised troops using one of the "allies" cards. Longus maintained a threatening 8 CUs in Sicily, capable of menacing both Spain and Africa.

At the start of the second year of the war Longus, being the worst military leader ever to hold office during the Punic Wars, was given the dubious honor of "proconsul for life" so he would never have to be drawn to head a 5 CU force. Two competent consuls were elected, Fabius Maximus "The Delayer" and P. Scipio again. Hannibal began to solidify his position in Etruria and Fabius was sent forth in an attempt to hold the province. Hannibal looked at a 12-13 battle card deficit and engaged The Delayer's army anyway. In the ensuing battle, Fabius lost 60% of his legions and retreated in disarray to Rome. Proconsul Longus abandoned Sicily to reinforce Maximus's dwindling stack, while P. Scipio was sent with 10 legions to open a second front in Gades, threatening the Spanish province of Baetica and a full quarter of Carthage's reinforcements. The remainder of the turn saw a bloodied consular army holding off in Rome while Hannibal consolidated his hold in Etruria. P. Scipio accumulated two siege points by the end of turn.

The third year of the conflict saw Rome reinforce the consular stack further, bringing it to 15 CUs on Rome. Marcellus, one of the best consuls, was elected to lead the legions to victory in Spain while the 15 CUs in Italy were entrusted to Nero. Meanwhile, Hasdrubal's army in Spain now contained 8 units and struck hard at the Roman force encamped outside Gades. With no option of retreat for Marcellus and an even battle card distribution, the battle for Spain was joined. It was a slaughter. Hasdrubal traded 1 CU for the entire Roman force, representing nearly half of the Roman strength on the board. Furthermore, the 6 PC political removal caused the political situation, which had maintained fragile equilibrium to this point, to degenerate significantly. There were no more noncrucial PCs to remove. Carthage took a vacated Samnium with PCs even as Roman generals deployed in an attempt to pen Hannibal in Etruria. Corsica and Sardina revolted and Capua deposed its Roman overlords as well, causing further political damage at the end of the turn.

Sorry, I gotta be honest, I don't remember the specifics anymore. Basically, Scipio annihilated Hannibal, but it was too late- I was forced to remove something like 10 PCs that turn during the victory check phase. I had 9, so Rome sued for peace. I felt like Robb because I had won a great battle and still lost the war.
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