Peter Copley
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Hi All,

Another post has enquired about campaign victory conditions for the playing the 5 related Dark July scenarios. My mate Dave and I are trying creating set of campaign victory conditions but they are far from complete. And at the glacial pace we complete games (always seems to be something that needs doing around the house) it is taking us forever!

Basically we are assuming the most import aim is to win the scenarios but to keep in the spirit that this is part of a campaign the sides would want to minimise their own losses maximise their opponents while also conserving assets.

So we are working on a set of conditions where both players start with 0 victory points and add to that using the below criteria over the 5 scenarios. At the end of each game points would be allocated as below:

+ ? VPs per scenario victory
+ ? VPs per enemy losses in each scenario
+ ? VPs per sniper or artillery mission not used in combat in each scenario

The only problem we have as I said is we've only played each scenario once so far but will need to play them all several times so we can allocate values to the these criteria to get the right balance using a good average of wins and losses data!

For example in the 'Road to Prokhorovka' scenario we recorded the below:
A German victory
Germans used their OBA lost 2 squads and 3 AFVs
Soviets used their OBA didnt use their sniper lost 5 squads a leader and 1 AFV

To help us if you play a Dark July scenario could you please list the below against this post:
Scenario Name
German WT, squad, SMC & vehicale losses
Soviet WT, squad, SMC & vehicale losses
German OBA and sniper if allocated used
Soviet OBA and sniper if allocated used

Once we have a good cross section of data we can allocate the points to each criterea allowing some continuity to the 5 scenarios, you could win 4 out of five but lose overall because you have lost most of your forces each game.

Any refinements to the above or extra suggestions are welcome!

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mark selleck
Alice Springs
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Re: Dark July - Scenario Result Wanted
This is a good idea Peter, as i only recently enquired about the victory conditions for the campaign game. Originally I though, ill just use the ones from the Noville game but they don't really have any either, just bonuses for winning a scenario.

Just a thought, but i think the German armour needs to be the main source of VP's for the Russians during game play as the Germans couldn't really afford the losses in armour. Also a system where each scenario is worth so many VP's is also a good idea. I would think maybe taking that a step further and suggesting that if the victory conditions are met earlier than stated then bonus VP's are awarded aswell.

I havent got to any scenarios myself yet but i hope to soon.

Anyway just a few quick thoughts as i hae to head out in a second.
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