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Subject: I Love Gaming Conventions! My 3con Story rss

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Forrest Bower
United States
Fort Wayne
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So my hometown of Fort Wayne has a small 2 day gaming convention they hold annually called 3con. All the proceeds go to a childrens hospital. This year I went as a presenter *A seminar on Kickstarting a game*, so since I was a presenter I was lucky enough to score free admission for the weekend. I arrived early saturday morning, got my free admission and decided to purchase 10 raffle tickets for 10 dollars. Next, I entered into a King of Tokyo Tourney and finished in second place. The second place prize was the elusive Space Penguin.

I then proceeded to much about playing games, checking out the few vendors their, and then they pulled the first raffle winner. Boom it was me! I went up front and was told I could pick any game i wanted off a table *The table had a boatload of RPG books, some stuff from local businesses, and probaly 100 games on/underneath it. The games were mostly duplicates but the ones i remember were Tahiti, Grave Buisness, Guardians of Graxia, Sutakku, and a bunch more. However, on top of all the games was Mage Wars! I took little time deciding and I snatched up Mage Wars having hear amazing things about it. As i was walking back to show a buddy of myne, I passed the Mage Wars booth *Run by the awesome guys from Arcane Wonders*, he asked me if I had played, I said no, and he said they were doing demos all weekend and I should come back so they could show me how it played.

I proceeded to bum around and play a games, one in particular i enjoyed was Tiki TUmble by Gamewright which I plan on getting eventually, very enjoyable LIGHT filler game. ANywho I did my presentation which ended up just me talking to a table of about 6 guys who were all in various stages of creating and kickstarting games. It was awesome, I felt like a rockstar as dumb as that sounds. I answered questions and talked to them for about an hour straight.

I decided next to go check out a demo of Mage Wars. Putting it shortly, It was love at first play. I enjoyed the hell out of it. After losing a full demo game to the guy teaching me. The main guy asked me if I wanted to join in on the Tourny they were about to have. I had nothing planned and loved the game so I of course said yes. He let me borrow one of his spellbooks and I was off.

They were nice enough to pair me up first with another Noob like myself, who only had 1 game under his belt. It wasnt the tightest game, and we ended up running out of time, however I was clearly in the drivers seat and was awarded the win *Its based on most damage dealt*.

Next, I played a guy who was actually with the company *An artist*. His deck was HARDCORE Attack. I was constantly on the run, however I withstood his Vampire *SO POWERFUL* and outlast him thanks to all the Deffensive goodies I had in my spell book.

Last, I was in the championship game. I was playing against a warlock who had driven from all the way across the state for the tourny/con. He also was extremely Attack happy. He came close to knocking me out a couple of times early on, however I was building up my deffenses, barely staying alive, and in the end I built up a huge army of beasts that just mauled the living hell out of him.

I couldnt believe it. I won! The prize was a hat, some promo cards, a big banner, A huge poster of any card i wanted *I choose Lair, which allows you to spawn beasts* , and this awesome *Possibly only to me* 14 inch tall bronze Indian statue called the Sachem *I think like only 8 were given away at the con, Arcane got 1 for themselves for Game of the Year and also for the Tourny*

I went home that night a happy man! I came back today and played a game some local designers were working on *I feel terrible for not remember the name*. It had a lot of potential, It was a deck builder, city builder with monsters and attacking and I think it could do awesome with more playtesting and some streamlining. After that I checked the big board of raffle winners and sure enough 2 more of my tickets were picked! *I only had purchased 10 and 3 won!* I picked up Tahiti from Minion Games, and a game called Sutakku from Smirk and Dagger Games. I walked around for a little bit longer, and someone suggested i try Artemis.

Artemis if you dont know is a star trek role playing simulator type of thing. It is AWESOME!*And im not even a role player* We had 6 people on our crew, each person, aside from the captain, had a different computer/monitor and their was a big monitor in front of all of us, and each person had a unique job. I was in track of weapons both time I played, the first time I was terrible. I had no idea what was going on. The second time I did great and we allmost won, except we hit a mine field with like 2 minutes to go and lost our Warp speed. It was role playing, computer, sci Fi awesomeness everyone should try.

I next walked around a bit before trying out LARPing *I think it was LARPING atleast* for the first time. I was given a sword and shield and we sparred for a couple rounds, I lost both times but it was close and it was a lot of fun. Something i definitely might try in the future when my son gets older.

I closed out 3con by watching half a game of Trains,and then playing the game myself. Very enjoyable, I want to try it a bit more before I would consider a purchase though.

So that was my weekend but It got even better, because I just confirmed a trade on BGG for my space penguin. I will be getting Sentinals, Gloom, and Race for the Galaxy all for the Penguin! Crazy!

So grandtotal heres my final Statline on 3con.
Money Spent: 10$ *Not counting 9 for food over the 2 days at Taco Bell/Arbys*
SWAG/Games Gained: Mage Wars!!!, Sutakku, Tahiti, 2 Mage Wars Posters, Mage Wars Hat, Mage Wars Dice tower *I forgot to mention that up top*, 1 Custom Die
Games Played: King of Tokyo(2), Tiki Topple (1), Mage Wars (4), Artemis (2), Larp? (1), Trains (1), Love Letter (1), Crockinole (1), Unnamed Prototype (1)

Overall a Fantastic Weekend! Heres some Pics
STEP 1: Win Game

STEP 2: Learn how to play Game

STEP 3: Win Tourny

Step 4: Native American Glory!
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