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Kidd Collins
United States
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I was sitting around talking about the game with my friends and got to discussing some of the similarities between Wrath of Ashardalon series of board games and The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. As I was sitting around later that day, I started having this wild plot bloom up in my head. What if you used the Pathfinder card game with the Wrath of Ashardalon map pieces and quests. Could you do it? And surprisingly enough, it seems quite simple. This is a work in progress so bear with me.

Monster Cards from Pathfinder Replace the Monster Cards from Wrath.
Barrier Cards become Encounter Cards.
Mixture of Armor, Weapons, Spells, Items and Allies become treasure deck.

If the quest was to find such and such a villain, set up the tile pieces as normal, but when you got to specified tile, you would use the villain from the Pathfinder game as the "main boss."

You can move a number of squares equal to your dexterity die type. IE if you have a D4 dex, you can move 4 squares.

Moster AI
Mosters move 1 tile toward closest hero, and do not leave play if undefeated. (This makes the game a lot more difficult and adds to the group dynamic.)
The monster attacks the player if it starts the turn adjacent to a player (Run a normal to defeat skill check, taking damage as appropriate.)
If the monster is defeated, but not killed, in the case of some undead, the monster is shuffled back into the deck.
The Villain does not escape, once encountered it fights to the death.

Player attacks
Ranged weapons = attack with in 2 tiles
Melee weapons = attack adjacent monsters
spells = with in 2 tiles

Blessings deck/timer
30 cards (looking for suggestions here)

Exploring is handled the same. You must be next to an unexplored edge in order to explore.

Healing / camping
At any point the group may call a camp. All players must be on 1 tile and there must be no active monsters. Advance the blessings deck 1 card for every two players in the group, rounding up. IE three players equals two cards. Then roll a D6, if the result is a 1, draw a random monster and place it on the current tile and you do not benefit from the effects of the camp. If the result is anything other than a 1; This represents a full rest, and each player may recharge 1d4+1 cards from discard pile to deck.

Player Action Verbage
At same location = At same tile.
At another location = with in two tiles.

Things that need work:
Not all the class abilities work in this format and will need some modification.
Monster AI, how to add range, and spell damage vs pc's? Especially in regards to Villains, how to make them harder?
Generating the treasure / loot deck. There should be parameters for how many of specific types are in there?
Blessing deck? Enough vs too little. Is it needed at all?

If you get a wild hair and give it a go, let me know how it turns out. Would love to hear peoples thoughts both pro and con for this..

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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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i though it was very Ashardalon like too, to busy complete pathfinder to think of mixing but it did cross my mind,
another similarity is Death Angel just a little less monster swarmy and better dice to roll.

i look forward to creating my own adventures and creating a game mash-up like this in the future,

good work
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